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The WOD Dogs Project has had significant support since its inception; however, one very generous company has provided the opportunity to really make this book a reality and further, raise much needed funds for RSPCA Qld. That company is SportsMed.

SportsMed is a global sports brand dedicated to building champions through an intuitive, 360 degree athlete analysis system. SportsMed are redefining the standards of athlete welfare around the world. As such, SportsMed have introduced the World’s most dynamic application; where a user can monitor, protect and predict hundreds of variables to build and sustain a champion athlete! Coaches and athletes can read more about this cutting edge tool >>HERE<< (website currently under construction and will be available soon)…

We are so grateful to have the support of SportsMed…

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EzyDog have been an amazing supporter to WOD Dogs and my own photography ventures; providing world class, kick ar$e, active canine accessories for trial to all my athletes and (doggy) models along the way… Today saw me head to Noosa to shoot Bugsy, furry baby to my very best mate, Matty Klarie, with some of EzyDog’s merchandise… I can only show you one shot, but for those of you who are in the market for doggy gear, you really need to be checking out EzyDog’s quality and adventurous range! Below is one sample of what’s available… Visit www.ezydog.com.au and buy up big for your pups!


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Sometimes your training takes you to dark places… Those places in the far corners of your mind where you learn the most about your mental fortitude and capacity to grind in the presence of pain, where every breath is conscious, and your focus is pure and direct… That’s where you need to take yourself, and become comfortable with, if you want to succeed. And that one day when you do… It will be as sweet as meditation…


POD – 250114

This morning was spent with 2 extroadinary humans and their little canine pack, at one of the coolest boxes on the Gold Coast. I am talking about the very aesthetic Clay’ and Revie Schulz, their 3 pooches; Rhino, Tank and Peach, and their biz; CrossFit Babes Miami!

Clay’ and Revie were never not going to be a part of the WOD Dogs project… Both are avid dog lovers and animal welfare advocates, and if their dogs could speak, they would be up for ‘Parent of the Year’ nominations! 

I don’t want to give too much away in this forum, as these guys have a beautiful story and I hope the images do their tight knit family justice. Here is a sneak peek at some of the images I captured today:

Rev1 1960 Rev1 1961 Rev1 1962

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I know a chick… She’s ‘strong like bull’! This chick is a coach to CrossFit Kids (Mitchelton), can out-WOD and out-lift most men, and eats, sleeps, breathes and $h!ts CrossFit! I love her to bits…This chick is all kinds of awesome… And her name is Sarah Petchell.


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I love my job… Not only because I get to rub shoulders with heavyweights like Dmitry, but because I get to hang with, and watch the growth in athletes, capture their journeys and join in on their celebrations of success, whether it be a PB, or nailing a new skill to add to their arsenal. One such person I have had the pleasure of meeting early in her CrossFit career and watched threw the view finder (without sounding like a dirty creep!!!) grow from being someone with kick ar$e foundations into a weapon of mass destruction is Tammi Robinson… My next feature Athlete of the Month. Watch this space!

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