POD – 140815

This morning saw me do a cool little shoot for ‘new kids on the block’ – CrossFit Disposition… Such a warm and friendly culture, beautifully fitted out space with only the best (Again Faster) equipment, and quality coaching and customer service. If you are local to Darra and the surrounds, it is well worth a visit! Thanks for having me team.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the images…

IMG_9200 IMG_9225 IMG_9260 IMG_9279 IMG_9312 IMG_9331 IMG_9334 IMG_9408 IMG_9474 IMG_9509 IMG_9519 IMG_9526 IMG_9531 IMG_9595 IMG_9598

POD – 010815

The old man is one crafty SOB… He materialises just about anything he dreams and this is no exception. Enter the ‘Speed Lounge’. Hand built and upholstered using the best Italian leather, over two freaking comfy race buckets, slapped together with rolling arm rests for the perfect ergonomic seating position, and capped off with stainless steel exhaust pipes at the back. It’s a real show piece and every car loving bogan needs one of these in their man cave!!! They can be customised in colour and badging too. Watch this space for more info…

IMG_8929 IMG_8960 IMG_9035 IMG_9041 IMG_9070