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Angela Harries of Kawana Boxing Club, in the zone between sparring rounds with the boys. Kawana Boxing Club is quickly becoming a reputable force with some amazing youth and female fighters being developed under the masterful eye of Troy McGaughran. If you are ever on the Sunny Coast and want to train with the best, or simply see a professional set up, drop into KBC and say hello to Troy and the team.

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World, meet Piper Boyce. This little angel belongs to two very special, extremely amazing parents, Briony and Bede. This shoot was significant for reasons I don’t need to describe; needless to say I was honoured beyond words to be asked to photograph this trio… A little like Briony and Bede love Piper beyond words… And it’s pretty easy to see why!

Hope you like this sneak peek B & B! Much love… X

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My weekend couldn’t have been better, having shot the QSuper Police and Emergency Services CrossFit Games at the Qld Police Academy on Saturday for Again Faster Media, and then photographing some good friends’ new bub, Piper on Sunday avo at the Powerhouse in Newfarm… Here are some of my favourites from Saturday at The Games. For the entire suite, visit the Again Faster Australia Facebook Page >>HERE<<… I will post a sneak peek at Piper’s pics in the coming days…

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Jimmy Wilkins and his little lady, Bell’ having a lazy Sunday at their cafe, LUX Espresso… Features in WOD Dogs!

“It’s difficult being so ridiculously good looking… Since I was told I am going to feature in WOD Dogs I have realised that my life is never going to be the same again… Dogs will be stopping me in the park and asking if I’ll be their bitch, they will be offering me treats and fighting over me! But, I am ready for fame. I will be the modern day Lassie!”