POD – 281013

Sh*t happens in life that tests every fibre of your being… And, when you are confronted with a ‘challenge’; your mind is the only thing that limits you, defeats you, or sees you overcome and adapt. That’s for anyone without a dog. For those with a dog, you only have to look at them to see that life isn’t about material bullsh*t, Facebook ‘likes’, or keeping up with the latest fashion… It is about loyalty, love, connection, protection and trust. Sometimes we need to strip our life back to the basics.

If you have issues, go find a dog… #phoDOGraphy

Astro_Final 1776

POD – 221013

It is sometimes a little inconvenient and obsessive when everywhere you go, you have to carry your camera with you… Just in case… But, I know that many photographers will agree with me in saying this: As a photographer (whether you are a professional or just a ‘weekend warrior’ like me), you look at absolutely everything in a creative way and pay more attention to beauty and uniqueness, and seek those things in your everyday life, not letting an opportunity to capture them slip you by… I love that everything I look at is beautiful…

Wave Wall 1483

MOD – 201013

I was blessed to be approached by EzyDog recently to take a few product shots as well as test-drive their amazing suite of canine accessories… EzyDog have also come on board in support of WOD Dogs and have kindly provided some products for our feature dogs to test drive! One of the products Astro and I have been mucking around with is their ‘Convert Harness‘… I was able to rig up my GoPro on it and give a dog’s eye view of Astro’s world… I couldn’t resist putting this little clip together. Enjoy…