About ‘the.FITographer’…

About me…

I am an animal lover and animal welfare advocate; in particular, the welfare of dogs. I am an athlete in the sports of CrossFit, Adventure Racing, and am a personal trainer and nutritionist by trade. I am a photographer for Again Faster Australia (Media). I am a foodie and Paleo/Primal proponent. I am a ‘petrol-head’ and love everything from modern day ‘Fast 4’s’ to old-school muscle cars.

What you see is an extension of me, an expression of everything I am passionate about, as per the aforementioned… Pieces of my life that I love and want to share… I am not one for many words, so in order to keep this brief I will let my photos speak for themselves.

Follow my blog for:

– Photo’s of the Day (POD’s). These are my offering of daily inspiration, motivation, and a taste of what I can provide professionally. You are welcome to my ‘POD’ images for free (copyright applies and all other images are for purchase only); however, you must ensure my watermark remains and the images aren’t edited in any way.

– Be on the look out for the events I capture or special features of athletes (it could be you!), animals (it could be your pet!), food (cooked by my amazing wife, Shannon of My Food Religion) and automotive shoots (it could be your car!).

– Or, seek out my photographic services 👉HERE👈…

I greatly appreciate you stopping by and welcome any constructive feedback, criticism or comment.

Thanks again, and enjoy.

The FITographer.


*Photo, courtesy of the very talented Shannon Plummer of Wet Nose Fotos.

4 thoughts on “About ‘the.FITographer’…

    • Aaaawww… Thanks Mags! You are too kind… I am my own worst enemy,as I always look at my work and doubt if it is any good at all… See you at training! 🙂

  1. Hi Trav, love your idea for the book about WOD dogs… I’m no athlete, just a trainer, but I do have a gorgeous dog, who is actually an angel and love on legs. Her name is Salty and she’s a Goldy, 12 years old. We’ve recently had a seachange to Brighton, and she is my companion for training recovery, my ROD companion you could say. She used to run with me, but now a lovely stroll by the water, or in the water, or even better in the mud at low tide is what we enjoy together. Aside from her favourite humans, her best friend is a cat. She’s also very pretty….

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