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The Schulz family are pretty much the most genetically blessed in all of the land (that’s not to say they don’t work hard, because they do – In every aspect of their lives)! Even their dogs are cute as sh*t!  Here are two of the ‘Fab 5’, just hanging out at CrossFit Babes Miami, pulling trucks and being generally awesome… SportsMed sponsored WOD Dogs feature athlete and dog – Clay and Rhino:


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The WOD Dogs of our CrossFit Regionals (Australia) Athletes thought they would send some personal messages of love and good luck to their amazingly talented, athlete humans… And while I am on the topic, I would like to thank each of you for being a part of this project. You are all an inspiration, show true grace and talent in your sport (and personally) and regardless of where you place, you are all number one in my eyes!

Amanda Claire Jess Kara Kristie Scotty Vick

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WOD Dogs isn’t all about the balls to the wall, blood, sweat and hand tears of CrossFit. It is about all athletes of all disciplines and their dogs. Something that I lack and many others do, is balance. If it isn’t making me want to puke, I don’t want to participate… But as I age and the niggles become show stopping injuries or mobility impacting scar tissue, I am soon realising that I should have been doing my ‘Downward Dogs’ when I was really drowning myself in Cortisol and priming myself for mass inflammation! Someone who is working to improve the health and wellbeing of as many peeps as she can, all over the world, is Jamie Louise Stevenson… Owner and Head Chef of Orawgi (vegan, raw, whole-food cafe), and Chief Yogi of Turf Studios (if you haven’t been to either, you need to give yourself a left hook, as Orawgi is one big, healthy, #mouthparty and Turf Studios is one of the funkiest yoga centres in the WORLD… Okay, maybe I am bias and maybe I’ve only ever visited 2 yoga studios in my time, but Turf does rock!!!) – collocated on Ipswich Rd, Woolloongabba. As soon as I met this inspirational woman, it was clear that Jamie was on a mission to make everyone she encountered happier and healthier, and that includes her dog, Roxy. There is a special bond between these two, and very few minutes in the day that they are apart… I hope I captured ‘the love’ in the below sneak peek… All in support of RSPCA Qld!

IMG_9246 Jamie_Turf 2088 Jamie_Turf 2089 Jamie_Turf 2091 Jamie_Turf 2092 Jamie_Turf 2094

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The SportsMed sponsored WOD Dogs road trip took us to a very cool little box owned by Sion Cousins and his partner, Natasha KazmierczakCrossFit Bodhi. On arrival, we thought we had ventured into a zoo when Sash, the Lab x Panther, stealthily made her way over to us, blending into the black rubber flooring… She was one of the most majestic looking dogs I have ever seen, and from the photos below, I think you’ll agree! Sion, Tash and Sashs’ story is a special one, and without giving too much away, here is some of what Tash had to tell me about their unity…

“We came across Sasha after Sion started following Big Dog Rescue. One of our friends had rescued a gorgeous dog from there a while back. Sion saw her photo and shared on Facebook to get people interested in adopting her. The share was almost successful with a few friends of ours interested, plus our families who also contemplated taking her too. But the more and more we shared, they just never turned out. So one day we decided that we want to meet her ourselves. When she got out of the car, we fell in love! She was this gentle giant who just didn’t have a care in the world and was so loving!”

And, the rest is history… Sash’ hasn’t left Sion and Tashs’ sides from that moment. Here is a sneak peek at some of the images we caught at CrossFit Bodhi!

Sion 1984 Sion 1985 Sion 1986 Sion 1987 Sion 1988

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If there was one athlete / dog duo I was excited about shooting on the SportsMed sponsored WOD Dogs road trip, it was World CrossFit Masters Champ (and newly contracted athlete in the National Pro Fitness League!) – Amanda Allen, and her Irish Wolfhound X Kelpie – Pepper. It’s well publicised how much Amanda loves Pep’ (and vice versa), so I was keen to watch the dynamics between this pair and see for myself just how beautiful they are together… And, I wasn’t disappointed!  When Pepper found Amanda, he certainly fell with his bum in the butter!!! In a way, these guys were like therapy to me, proving that there are extraordinary dog owners who would die for their mate if they had to. Their love for one another is like what you see in movies or read in a book… And you can read about it in my book – WOD Dogs, supporting RSPCA Qld in their fight against animal cruelty.

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The WOD Dogs Project has taken me on a pretty special journey, meeting some amazing athletes, even more amazing dogs, and receiving some amazing support in aid of RSPCA Qld and their fight against animal cruelty… Such support as that provided by Bec Kowald of *redstar apparel! Bec kindly offered her design skills and time to come up with the funky logo design for the WOD Dogs Project (below)… Even Kara’s little Willow can’t keep her eye’s off it!

For anyone in need of branding, graphic design or wanting some quality CrossFit attire, I highly recommend Bec and *redstar apparel!

Here’s a little about Bec’s services and *redstar apparel:

I’ve always been passionate about two things in life, animals and design, so it only seemed natural for me to help Trav out with the WOD Dogs project. 

My husband, Aaron, and I have a tennis ball-obsessed mini-groodle called Jackson. Jackson provides us with so much light and love, he’s not just a pet but a family member.
I am a self-confessed social media junkie, especially on Instagram, and if I could post photos of Jackson everyday without losing friends I probably would. 
By day, I am a graphic designer for a corporate and creative agency, and I have more than seven years’ design experience in both the public and private sectors. One of my major professional achievements was taking the role of lead designer for the successful 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Bid Document, which was presented in Kuala Lumpur by the former Queensland Premier Anna Bligh. In my spare time I work as a freelance designer working with clients on projects such as branding, collateral and web design.  
Late last year, along with my husband and business partner, we combined a new passion (CrossFit) with design and created a CrossFit apparel company called *redstar apparel. Where we train at AJ CrossFit in Carina, *redstar is the status awarded to the strongest and/or fastest athlete in each WOD for each day. Our aim is to provide uniquely designed, high quality workout and lifestyle wear for athletes who want to stand out from the masses. 
*redstar also offers affiliate branding and design services, and I have recently been working with FBP CrossFit on their CrossFit Regionals team kit, which will feature co-branded *redstar and FBP CrossFit apparel.”


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