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Mum always told me you can tell a lot about someone by the way they dress… And, I am inclined to think that she was on the money! Don’t get me wrong; I am a bloke’s fashion-whore, and it seems so too are thousands of other CrossFitters. I absolutely love (no sarcasm intended) that every CrossFit Event is as colourful as Carnival – Brazil! And, this weekend was no exception at CrossFit Sunshine Coast‘s Throwdown (Caloundra). From personalised Nano’s, to neon head bands with matching socks, to old-school Vollies, there were some funky outfits (being worn by some serious athletes) getting down and dirty in the mud and rain! Here are just a few pics I snuck for Again Faster Media. For the remainder, be watching the Again Faster Facebook page and while you are at it, ‘like’ them to get other great updates on products/equipment/apparel, their sponsored athletes, and a broad range of health and fitness topics. A big thank you to Lori, Lee and the volunteers from CF SC for planning, hosting and managing such a magic event!

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Again Faster development athlete, Damien ‘BEAT DOWN’ Brown doesn’t take short cuts… His preparation for his upcoming fight in less than 48hrs – on Adrenalin Unleashed, Eatons Hill Hotel, Saturday, 1600h, 29 Jun 13 – has been fairly brutal, having to cut significant weight to make his Lightweight weight class (at 67kgs)… Yet, as you can see below, he does it with a smile and silent determination. Scott MacGregor better be on his game, because Damien certainly is… Get behind Damien, and the rest of the Integrated MMA Team, by ‘liking’ them or leaving a message on their Facebook page >>HERE<<… And, read more about Damien’s fight prep’ >>HERE<<

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Well, this weekend brought a whole new element to my photography portfolio and something I enjoyed a hell of a lot thanks to some gorgeous and hilarious ladies, and a very talented hairdresser and make-up artist in Marc Macaulay of Marc James Hairdressing (inclusive of his team!). Marc’s salon is a work of art in itself and a reflection of the attention to detail he puts into his hairdressing. Having never been to France, I don’t really need to after spending time in his salon – A Newfarm workers cottage that has been renovated and decorated with stellar style! And, Marc’s hairdressing and colouring is an art form! My task was to try capture his artwork – A new range of colours – being sported by some very beautiful ladies!

I need to give a huge thank you to Marc, his team, and the stunning models who all contributed to one of the most fun shoots I have done to date!

Here is a sneak peek of what is to come:

Marc 908 Marc 909


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Most of you know who this athlete is… But let’s pretend you don’t, just to build a little bit of suspense!

Who is this mystery man? A few hints… He is Again Faster‘s (Australia) first development athlete outside the sport of CrossFit, he is a seriously great bloke, and an animal in the cage… Be watching my Feature Athlete Page over the next week, as he will be revealed in the lead up to a local event where you can watch him in action!

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Sure, a polished, minimalist style gym is attractive to some, but nothing heightens your senses and amps your heart rate more than a raw, industrial box where you can throw sh!t, drop sh!t, yell sh!t, take your sh!t off, play loud sh!t, and sweat all over sh!t… #oldschool

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