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Attention all athletes wanting to improve your gymnastics game! Be on the lookout for Hang Strong’s new training tool… Jump on their Facebook page, give them a like and stay tuned for something pretty funky. After what I witnessed on Sunday; you definitely want to be onboard with this!




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News Flash: I have 2 big projects / events in the making and will reveal them in a few weeks time. Both are in aid of the greatest charity I know; the RSPCA (Qld), in particular, the Inspectorate. The RSPCA Inspectorate call on 13,000 + animal cruelty complaints per year and do that with minimal resources and protection, largely dealing with the same clientele as Police yet doing so with only their mouthes as ‘situational use of force’. The inspectorate see and deal with the cases that would make any animal advocate want to curl up into the foetal position and cry for days. Yet, they do it robotically, daily, and always with absolute professionalism. I hope that when I do announce these charity events / projects that you will consider what you just read, and spare a thought for the protection and justice they give our voiceless and defenceless and contribute by either donating or participating…

One clue I can give: They both involve CrossFit, pets and my camera. Watch this space…


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This is part-reason why CrossFit is hitting its straps internationally… This is why the CrossFit community is so tight and growing every day… This is why CrossFit demands and delivers real results… This is why CrossFit is developing and fostering serious athletic talents across the world…

Because it takes you to where you wouldn’t normally be prepared to venture yourself, physically and mentally; in an environment that ensures safety and camaraderie. It teaches you resilience and self awareness, adaptation to repetitive loads, and lactic hell, and it puts you on your arse every time if you do it properly!!!


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This is Maxxy… A Dogue De Bordeaux x Neopolitan Mastiff (as far as we can tell as we don’t know his origin)! Maxxy Cooper came to us (RSPCA) as a stray and immediately caught the attention of the shelter staff (and myself, given my love for giant breeds). He was unlike anything I/we had ever seen… He immediately strutted around like a lion on heat and would slut himself with the female attendants at every opportunity… The funny thing about Maxxy is that on his mystery arrival from whatever planet he came from, he was believed to be a young, adolescent dog… He was 24kgs and had bigger feet than my fully grown Dane… There was enough skin hanging around his neck that you could pull it completely over his head like a hoodie!!! Upon getting his health check with the resident Vet, they nearly sh!t their pants to see a full mouth of baby teeth, and assessed his age at only approx’ 3mths!!! Given he was a stray, he had to do a requisite stray period… This affords time for the poor, distressed owner to come forward and claim their stunningly cute, red nosed, red coat Mastiff X… But, alas… It never happened. The stray period was extended as surely someone would be missing this uniquely beautiful pup?!?! But no… Throughout my childhood, our family had always owned German Shepherds and so they played a massive part in our lives and were treated as a child by my Mum and Dad, and a sibling to Jarrod and I… It is fair to say that dogs have always been a huge part of our lives, in particular my Dads. When my little brother passed in 2006, it took a huge toll on my family. And I always wondered how I could fill such a whole in my parent’s lives to try remedy some of the hurt they were feeling. I intended on buying my Dad another Shepherd, to give him a chance to be a father again… Enter Maxxy! As soon as Maxxy’s stray period ended, I called Dad to meet me at work. He obliged and on his arrival, he was greeted with the most awkward run and jump into his arms, and from that moment forward, the two of them have been inseparable… Anyone who says only time heals all wounds, hasn’t had a puppy!!! Maxxy is the best gift I have ever given anyone; the best son to my Dad, a hilarious and beautiful brother to me, and an Uncle to our boy, Astro (these two have a massive ‘bro-mance’!). You will see a lot of pics of Maxxy throughout this photo-blog, with some hilarious stories to accompany them… For more, go to the PhoDOGraphy Gallery button at the top of this page, and give it a push… 😉👉

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