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The WOD Dogs of our CrossFit Regionals (Australia) Athletes thought they would send some personal messages of love and good luck to their amazingly talented, athlete humans… And while I am on the topic, I would like to thank each of you for being a part of this project. You are all an inspiration, show true grace and talent in your sport (and personally) and regardless of where you place, you are all number one in my eyes!

Amanda Claire Jess Kara Kristie Scotty Vick

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WOD Dogs isn’t all about the balls to the wall, blood, sweat and hand tears of CrossFit. It is about all athletes of all disciplines and their dogs. Something that I lack and many others do, is balance. If it isn’t making me want to puke, I don’t want to participate… But as I age and the niggles become show stopping injuries or mobility impacting scar tissue, I am soon realising that I should have been doing my ‘Downward Dogs’ when I was really drowning myself in Cortisol and priming myself for mass inflammation! Someone who is working to improve the health and wellbeing of as many peeps as she can, all over the world, is Jamie Louise Stevenson… Owner and Head Chef of Orawgi (vegan, raw, whole-food cafe), and Chief Yogi of Turf Studios (if you haven’t been to either, you need to give yourself a left hook, as Orawgi is one big, healthy, #mouthparty and Turf Studios is one of the funkiest yoga centres in the WORLD… Okay, maybe I am bias and maybe I’ve only ever visited 2 yoga studios in my time, but Turf does rock!!!) – collocated on Ipswich Rd, Woolloongabba. As soon as I met this inspirational woman, it was clear that Jamie was on a mission to make everyone she encountered happier and healthier, and that includes her dog, Roxy. There is a special bond between these two, and very few minutes in the day that they are apart… I hope I captured ‘the love’ in the below sneak peek… All in support of RSPCA Qld!

IMG_9246 Jamie_Turf 2088 Jamie_Turf 2089 Jamie_Turf 2091 Jamie_Turf 2092 Jamie_Turf 2094

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I am working on a few things with an amazing company, shooting some gifted athletes… I can’t announce much more just at the moment; however, I am pretty excited at the opportunities this particular group have given me and I look fwd to being able to reveal all soon!

One such shoot was with this little legend, Kara Webb… My second with her in as many weeks!!! Outstanding athlete and even more outstanding person… Thanks CrossFit Roar for having me and apologies for taking up valuable floorspace during open gym!!!

Kara 1989

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I just had a kick ar$e morning with Rob Noy and the CrossFit CrossAxed crew, taking shots for their new website, being launched shortly! The community Rob and his team have built is extraordinary and it’s easy to see why CrossAxed has such a great rep’ in SEQ! If you are a ‘south-sider’ (near Morningside), get on over to check out the scene and get amongst it at CrossAxed!

Here’s a little preview from the session:



IMG_1128 IMG_1263

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It just goes to show that even some relatively cheap bits of kit can yield some cracking results when it comes to photography… My GoPro Hero 3 Black is my new best friend! For anyone who likes sports photography or just wants something that is light, portable, can take a beating, provides video, burst and single shot options, and gives you some pretty rad effects with it’s fisheye ultra-wide capacity, get on board! I have a few trials I will be doing over the weekend that will hopefully result in some very cool stills and vids – involving Astro… Watch this space!

This pic was taken at CrossFit CrossAxed Semper Paratus Challenge (pool WOD). Sorry for being ‘the creep at the bottom of the pool’ ladies! :S



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Lily Cosgrove… Again Faster development athlete, CrossFit HQ Staff, coach and co-owner of CrossFit Mitchelton, and inspiration to new Mums across the CrossFit community… Is my next Feature Athlete! Watch this space for the interview and pics… Here is a teaser from a fun session I did with Lily and Maxxy on Wednesday:


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I recently did a shoot with one of the fittest ladies I know… This woman is so lean, she makes a Greyhound look chubby, and can back it up in the strength department!

Sally Brouwer is a SGT in the Queensland Police Service (QPS Operational Skills and Tactics Instructor), PT / Group Fitness Instructor at CBJ Fitness, Triathlete, Mum to triplets and just an all round #badass (she says she is an all round nice person)!!! For women (and fellas too) who are based on South-side Brisbane (or are prepared to venture into that strange part of town) and want quality training and advice from someone who practices what they preach, look this lady up!

Sally is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to training, nutrition, health and wellness and if you aren’t following her on Facebook, you should be …>>HERE<<… And, on Instagram …>>HERE<<

Be on the look out for Sal’s new ‘Nutrition Philosophy’ website, being launched very soon (and if she likes her shots, hopefully they may make an appearance too)!!!