The WOD Dogs Project


Purchase WOD Dogs >>HERE<< to support the RSPCA QLD Inspectorate in their fight against animal cruelty!

The *WOD Dogs Project (*WOD is a CrossFit term meaning ‘Workout Of the Day’)

WOD Dogs is a community… WOD Dogs is a celebration of the dogs that support our sporting endeavours… WOD Dogs pays tribute to our best mates that watch willingly as we sweat, curse, even collapse, in defeat or triumph, run beside us regardless of weather conditions, time or terrain… WOD Dogs draws the correlation between healthy lifestyles and healthy dog ownership… WOD Dogs captures moments of true companionship, care and unconditional love… WOD Dogs is a fundraiser for the RSPCA Qld Inspectorate who fight a continual battle against animal cruelty. Want to be a part of the community and support those who defend the defenceless?

Please read on… 

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If you are wanting to donate as a private entity, you can visit our everydayhero page here:

Or for general support, we would be honoured to have you follow WOD Dogs at:

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the images so far:

IMG_8883 IMG_8974 IMG_9310 Jim&Bel2 1347 Raw - WOD Dogs 1819 Raw - WOD Dogs 1822 Raw - WOD Dogs 1823

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