POD – 310313

Happy Easter!

Every year, wifey (My Food Religion) and I host ‘Brisbane’s Best Buns’… It’s a contest between our family and close mates where we each have to source or make Hot Cross Buns to see who has the best. Easter Sunday is tasting and judging day (with the odd chocolate egg… or 100) thrown in for good measure! Given Shan and I are health nuts and always trying to come up with a clean or Paleo Hot Cross Bun version, they always end up going to sh!t (OK, they only end up going to sh!t when I make them… Like last year when I made Hot Cross Rocks and had to pay for people’s dental bills!!!). This year, Shan is destined to win by a mile with her below (Paleo) Dark Chocolate & Orange Hot Cross Buns. I know this because I stole one this morning fresh out of the oven… Shhhh. #mouthparty!!!


For all you athletes, or those trying to clean up your nutrition and looking for recipes and education, click HERE and enjoy!

POD – 200313

There are a lot of pics of the Friday Night Lights series flying around my site at the mo’, but I couldn’t help using one of them as my POD today… Below is the super cool and composed CrossFit Mitchelton athlete, Kate Suna, doing her thing… And, lookin’ chiseled! For more pics from the kick ar$e Friday Night Lights series at CrossFit Mitchelton, have a peek at the CrossFit Events page…


POD – 180313

My apologies for taking so long to get the 13.2¬†shots up… If only someone could pay me millions to give up my day job and devote all of my time to photography!!! Anyone…??? I will make a bold statement and say they will be up by Midnight tonight (19 Mar 13, EST)!

In the meantime, here is a little collage of a few that will appear… And, thank you for your patience!


POD – 170313

I am not all about gritty, sweaty, chiseled athletes, uber cute puppies and kittens, or pimped up cars when it comes to subjects to shoot… Here is evidence:

Mel is a friend who asked me to shoot her just weeks before she is due, so yesterday we were priveleged enough to be given exclusive access to one of Dayboro’s most lavish properties… Between a stunning model, awesome assistants (thanks Kelly Ann O’Neill, wifey and little Charlie!), champion property owner (Craig Doyle), helicopter pads (yes, that’s right, pads…plural!!!), lagoons and pontoons, stunning Quarter Horses, rolling green hills and perfect weather, the shoot couldn’t have been more perfect! I can’t wait to be able to share the remainder of the shots; however, this POD will have to do in the meantime!