POD – 060414

WOD Dogs isn’t all about the balls to the wall, blood, sweat and hand tears of CrossFit. It is about all athletes of all disciplines and their dogs. Something that I lack and many others do, is balance. If it isn’t making me want to puke, I don’t want to participate… But as I age and the niggles become show stopping injuries or mobility impacting scar tissue, I am soon realising that I should have been doing my ‘Downward Dogs’ when I was really drowning myself in Cortisol and priming myself for mass inflammation! Someone who is working to improve the health and wellbeing of as many peeps as she can, all over the world, is Jamie Louise Stevenson… Owner and Head Chef of Orawgi (vegan, raw, whole-food cafe), and Chief Yogi of Turf Studios (if you haven’t been to either, you need to give yourself a left hook, as Orawgi is one big, healthy, #mouthparty and Turf Studios is one of the funkiest yoga centres in the WORLD… Okay, maybe I am bias and maybe I’ve only ever visited 2 yoga studios in my time, but Turf does rock!!!) – collocated on Ipswich Rd, Woolloongabba. As soon as I met this inspirational woman, it was clear that Jamie was on a mission to make everyone she encountered happier and healthier, and that includes her dog, Roxy. There is a special bond between these two, and very few minutes in the day that they are apart… I hope I captured ‘the love’ in the below sneak peek… All in support of RSPCA Qld!

IMG_9246 Jamie_Turf 2088 Jamie_Turf 2089 Jamie_Turf 2091 Jamie_Turf 2092 Jamie_Turf 2094

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