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Yesterday I asked a few questions around training, training modalities and recovery, and wanted to lead into a little blurb on where people make some mistakes and end up suffering adverse symptoms from over-training, or just never reach their goals…

Step 1. Work out what it is you want to achieve… That being said, it needs to be realistic. Yes, it’s possible to become a ‘hybrid’ athlete and excel in many modalities (such as explosive type movements such as olympic lifting, while being able to punch our a decent half marathon time as well); however, if you were realistic about it, you would probably need to decide on which it is you want to train for and look to be at the pointy end of either, not both. Everyone should consider:

a. Am I genetically (taking training/conditioning influence out of the equation) more of a fast-twitch beast (bigger bellied muscle anatomy, able to move weight fast, explosive and able to sprint, but sh*thouse when it come to distance running/activities)? or

b. Am I a slow-twitch gazelle that is great at the longer stuff, but not so great when it comes to shifting loads fast?

I will cover muscle anatomy in my next post (and how you can influence your make-up, to a degree)…

Step 2. Ensure you are getting the required recovery… And, what is going to ensure that is a 1000 and 1 invariables! The main ones to focus on that will ensure biggest bang for your buck are:

a. Sleep – Not enough and you will ensure your cortisol levels are raised, which in turn inhibits testosterone production, which in turn lowers your protein synthesis… Get where I’m going?!

b. Stress – Mental and physical have the same effect, and the physical includes exercise/activity… It’s a stressor. Both, if done in excess – to what level you tolerate is an individual thing – will lead to the aforementioned symptoms, but chuck in inflammation and oxidative stress as well!

c. Lack of calories – Calorie deficiency will screw you over! You need to let go of the notion that restricting calories will help you shift body fat! You may lose weight initially, yet most will be a loss of muscle mass, and you will be signalling to your body that you are in ‘starvation mode’; so anabolic processes then become catabolic, ie. your body eats itself. You need to dial in how much you need to consume to sustain the activities you undertake. Sometimes over training can simply mean you are under eating!

d. Training infrequency – Get into a pattern with your training. Yes, factor adequate rest, but over-resting can be just as detrimental to your recovery as under-resting. You need to ensure your body is adapting, on a cellular level, neurally, muscularly… If you rest too much, you never get the benefit of developing resilience to training stressors on those systems and so you never improve. The term is progressive overload…

Step 3. Get help with it all… For those of you Brisbane-based, get in to see who I consider to be the best coaches in town (speaking without bias), Phil and Lil’ Cosgrove at CrossFit Mitchelton

There are MANY more, but they are the main ones. More tomorrow! Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday as much as Astro and Shan, below:


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Becoming a more efficient ‘fat burner’

Carrying on from last night, if you are new to the primal/paleo scene or are curious about how to move from a grain/sugar heavy diet, or a typical body building diet where you only consume lean proteins and leafy greens; then this is how you should probably start:

Increase your ‘good’ fat intake – Consume more of the pastured animals (grass fed and finished), pastured eggs, Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT), omega 3’s, and Coconut products, and start to cut out the sugars you eat that aren’t naturally occurring. What this does is allows your mitochondria (these little suckers take the nutrients from what you consume and convert it to energy) to get used to doing what they are supposed to do, and convert fats (fatty acids) to readily available energy (ATP), rather than sugars. Your body actually prefers to, and is more efficient at, converting fats into ATP. Sugars (glucose), when converted, produces a sh*t load of free radicals as a by product. These free radicals are responsible for arteriosclerosis, premature ageing (through oxidative stress), inflammation… The list goes on. When you burn fatty acids, the by-product is ketones, and your mitochondria (if functioning properly) will clean these up so your free radical count is significantly reduced!

Take your carb intake to about 50-100gms per day – Depending on your activity levels…

Avoid lean proteins – Start to eat your crackling! Eating the fats from your animal sources will ensure that your protein intake doesn’t get converted to glucose and start to screw your attempts to regulate insulin!

And… Just Eat Real Food!

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I was privileged to be a part of the Again Faster team (Media) to cover CrossFit 189‘s first birthday open day… What a cracking team of coaches and athletes! That is what is so appealing and infectious about the CrossFit culture – The community. And CrossFit 189 foster it extremely well! Thanks for having me along guys! More pics will follow, but for now, here is a teaser:

AgainFaster 891 AgainFaster 895 AgainFaster 896 AgainFaster 898 AgainFaster 911 AgainFaster 913 AgainFaster 916 AgainFaster 927 AgainFaster 928 AgainFaster 929 AgainFaster 931 AgainFaster 932 AgainFaster 934 AgainFaster 938

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CrossFit Regionals are upon us… And, this man is amongst it, with his eyes fixed on the highest step of the podium… I would wish you luck Zack, but you don’t need it…!!!

To read more about this man and his mission, business, training and nutrition philosophies, click >>HERE<<


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I recently did a shoot with one of the fittest ladies I know… This woman is so lean, she makes a Greyhound look chubby, and can back it up in the strength department!

Sally Brouwer is a SGT in the Queensland Police Service (QPS Operational Skills and Tactics Instructor), PT / Group Fitness Instructor at CBJ Fitness, Triathlete, Mum to triplets and just an all round #badass (she says she is an all round nice person)!!! For women (and fellas too) who are based on South-side Brisbane (or are prepared to venture into that strange part of town) and want quality training and advice from someone who practices what they preach, look this lady up!

Sally is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to training, nutrition, health and wellness and if you aren’t following her on Facebook, you should be …>>HERE<<… And, on Instagram …>>HERE<<

Be on the look out for Sal’s new ‘Nutrition Philosophy’ website, being launched very soon (and if she likes her shots, hopefully they may make an appearance too)!!!


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A little while ago, I was asked to photograph athletes to include in some marketing collateral for HangStrong. ‘What’s HangStrong?’ I hear you ask, well, HangStrong is a team of extremely competent gymnastic coaches providing training / coaching workshops to Gyms and CrossFit Boxes local and interstate.

The team comprises 2010 Commonwealth Games (dual) Gold Medallist, Thomas Pichler, Again Faster Development Squad member and Head Coach / Trainer at City 4051 CrossFit, Natan Geva , and 2011 CrossFit Regional (Australasian) Games qualifier and Head Trainer at City 4051 CrossFit, James Whybird.

Between the three of these athletes, anyone wanting to learn and refine their gymnastic skills is going to benefit in a BIG way. Whether you are a seasoned CrossFit athlete, or complete beginner, the HangStrong team will have you moving your bodyweight efficiently and safely… If you are on Facebook, go check them out >>HERE<<. Or even better, if you are a Gym, PT Studio, or CF Box owner/manager, book them for a workshop and have your clients love you forever for adding to their arsenal of training skill sets!

Anyway, back to my story… They have used my images for their marketing… #massiveanticlimax…

*The chiseled little model in this pic is Jessica Lai, CrossFit Mitchelton Coach and athlete…

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Lads and ladies, I bring to you my next feature athlete… Some of you may know this humble yet lethal beast, and for those of you that don’t; his name is Zack Williams and he is about to compete at the CrossFit Games Regionals in a few weeks time. He is also a successful businessman, trainer and all-round champion of a person. Please take the time to read my interview and enjoy the pics I took of him in training (and possibly showing off a little for the camera) 👉HERE👈… If you aren’t impressed and inspired to make a positive change in your life after reading this, you are clinically dead!!!