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Michael Boyd… hashtag WEAPON!!! Thanks for a very cool shoot today and best of luck at MuscleMania this weekend big fella! A big shout out to CrossFit Torian for yet again giving me a sweet space to do my thing!

IMG_4727 IMG_4772 IMG_4825 IMG_4955

POD – 070914

For those that know me, know that I am an excitable dude… And so when I was confronted with the bodies and personalities of these ladies to shoot, I was pretty freaking excited!!! Amelia, Jacinda, Jaana and Darcia, are all stepping on stage in their first ever figure comps over the next fortnight, and so wanted to get some shots taken as a memento of their hard work and dedication… These bad a$$ ladies have been constructed by none other than Ms. Figure Pro Universe, Tammie Sarkozy. So, it was little wonder they were looking extremely sharp and well prepared! The afternoon was one of my most fun to date and it couldn’t have been the success it was without the support of CrossFit Torian as one well kitted out FITography studio!!!

Here’s a preview of what we got up to:

Amelia 030 Darcia_Silhouette 025 Jaana 028 Jacinda 029 Prowler_Insta_Darcia

POD – 010614

After a little break, the SportsMed sponsored WOD Dogs project has resumed with one awesome little family. Gregg and An Wilson of (the very new and very kick-ar$e) CrossFit Dux, and their two Samoyeds; Bear and Sai, happily gave up some of their weekend to pull off some funky, cute and athletic poses in front of the camera (something a little foreign to Gregg, given he is an extremely talented photographer himself and is usually the one taking the pics – You can check out his rad work >>HERE<<)… This dynamic duo LOVE CrossFit and LOVE their dogs… A fitting combination of passions, and the reason they were a ‘no-brainer’ to be a part of this project. Here’s a little sneak peek at some of what we got up to:

Gregg 2089 Gregg 2092 Gregg 2094 Gregg 2096 Gregg 2097 Gregg 2098

POD – 011213

I had the greatest morning shooting another instalment to the WOD Dogs project today, at CrossFit Cog! First off the ranks was Kristie Williams and her little pack – Missi (a splash of everything, but mostly Staffy), Apollo (German Shepherd), and Diesel (Staffy X). Kristie recently rescued Missi from a life of abuse whilst Policing in a remote Queensland area. Her road to mental and physical recovery has been a slow but successful one, and you can read all about it on release of the book! Not only is Kristie an amazing advocate for animal welfare, she is also a bloody talented athlete and after less than 6mths of training in CrossFit, qualified for (and competed in) the Australian Regionals this year. Throughout the Opens, Kristie was learning the movements required for each WOD as they were announced, under the watchful eye of her coach, and my next WOD Dogs athlete, Scott Mackenzie…

Kristie 1895 Kristie 1896

Scott and KC Mackenzie are Mum and Dad to 2 x beautiful Dogue De Bordeaux’s (French Mastiffs) – Bill and Betty. When KC applied for Scott and the dogs to be a part of this project, I was already aware of Scott’s standing in the CrossFit community; having been a Regionals competitor, owner and coach at CrossFit Cog, and top place earner at almost every local comp’ that he competes at. What I didn’t know was that Scott and KC’s female Dogue has Cancer and the prognosis isn’t good. So, we hastily arranged this shoot to make sure that we captured Betty in the best health, with her partner in crime, Bill… I won’t spoil the surprise and am withholding Betty’s images; however, can show you one of big Bill, in a bit of a tangle (see below), and his beast of an old man, Scotty. Scott 1895 Scott 1896

Both these athletes and their respective dogs were beautiful to watch and work with. It is heart-warming to know there are people in the world like Scott, KC, and Kristie, who would crawl over broken glass for their dogs, or any dog for that matter!


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PhoDOGraphy (WOD Dogs) –

I have struggled with a little bit of self-doubt the last few weeks, in the lead up to kicking off the WOD Dogs shoots. While the support and encouragement has been tremendous, I continued to feel like I may have bitten off more than I could chew and wondered if I was skilled enough to capture the essence of the connections between the athletes and their dogs. I couldn’t help but feel like I was going to let everyone down… And, driving down the Coast to my first shoot with a couple that live and breathe animal welfare, are model pet owners, and staunch supporters of RSPCA, I was nervous as sh*t!!!

That all went away when I walked in the door at Raw Strength and Conditioning – Home for Jess Coughlan, and Dragon (the Corgi x Shepherd and star of WOD Dogs), Khaleesi the cat, and their four little chooks. Seeing the interactions between Jess and her animals, it reinforced to me the reason I am doing this, and that there are amazing people treating their pets with as much (if not, more) love as they would a child. The amazing bond between Jess and Dragon, was absolutely heart-warming.

Jess was the first athlete I invited to be a part of my WOD Dogs project for the reasons above. Her life revolves around her animals and she had adopted Dragon from the RSPCA as a pup. I can’t give too much away, as I need to withhold some images, suspense and surprises in order to sell the book and support RSPCA Qld; however, here is a little teaser of what you will see as part of Jess and Dragons’ feature… For more, you are just going to have to buy the book when it is released early 2014!!!

Please share this with your friends and family, generate interest, spread the word of this project, and the plight of RSPCA in fighting animal cruelty. Thank you. And, thank you Jess and Dragon.

WOD Dogs1 1818

POD – 171113

So, that little AUTOgraphy project I was telling you about last week… This is some of it. Good mates of mine, Bren and Chrissy, just bought a ’62 Buick Invicta; pimped, slammed and ‘delicately’ powered by a 454 big block Chev’… I have been kissed on the proverbial to be given access to the most exclusive and amazing studio (my in-laws’ warehouse, Teneriffe – Thank you Dan and Jan!) a few times for shoots, and this was by far the best to date! For anyone wanting to capture their pride and joy, you know where to find me! 🙂

Bren & Buick 1837 Bren & Buick 1838 Bren & Buick 1839 Bren & Buick 1840 Bren & Buick 1841

POD – 031113

The annual Intensity PT Photoshoot was held today and was every bit as good as last year’s! The theme was ‘pop pin up’ and each of the ladies looked incredible! For those of you not familiar with this little event; it is a celebration of Belinda Wasowski’s PT Clients’ results. A culminating event for them to train for as some added incentive.  This year, Bel’ stepped it up and rented a photography studio – Sam Thies Photography. The set up was a dream come true for me and so the shoot was my most enjoyable yet!!! The event was again catered for by my stunning and talented wife, Shan (My Food Religion)…

Here is a sneak peek from behind the scenes… Once Bel’ has made a book of my images,  and provided to the ladies, I will share some more…

Girls 1777 Prep 1778 Prep 1779 Prep 1781 Prep 1782 Prep 1783 Prep 1784 Prep 1785 Prep 1786 Prep 1787

POD – 140713

Selfies… They are apparently all the rage on Instagram and FB, so I thought I may as well succumb to the trend?! In my defence, I was testing my newly set up home studio and trying to create some dramatic effects with light and shade/shadow. The wife was at Yoga so the only model I had was a disobedient Great Dane… He didn’t particularly like wearing the hoodie, or standing still, so I had to improvise!