POD – 090114

I love it when you can place your faith and trust in someone to produce results and in turn they amaze you with their talent and surpass your expectations… Such is the case with my WOD Dogs project. Given I have a lot of interstate athletes and pooches to capture, I simply couldn’t make it around the entire country to every one of them and so I needed to enlist some help… Enter the crazy talented Adam Lesniak!

For those of you that don’t know Adam; he’s my Again Faster Media counterpart in Melbourne and nearly all of what you see from Again Faster Australia is Adam’s handy work (…the ‘B-grade’ stuff is mine!). Make yourself familiar with Adam and his work at:

www.againfaster.com.au or www.facebook.com/adamlesniak.photo.vid

Given Adam’s talent and because he is just one of those blokes you can’t not love, he was/is perfect to be shooting our Melbourne based athletes… Enter the gorgeous Amy Dracup and her two cute as sh!t Frenchies, Echo and Cooper!

Amy is one serious athlete and one serious dog lover… So much so, she has incorporated them into the CrossFit Deux logo (owned by Amy and her husband, Bjorn Albrecht-Walker). This little powerhouse has some serious accolades to her name, including individual and team representation at the World CrossFit Games (individual in ’11, them team in ’12 & ’13), currently holds a spot on the Commonwealth Weightlifting Development Squad, and is sponsored by Reebok, Pure Pharma and AlphaFit. We are pretty excited to have Amy and her pups as part of the WOD Dogs photo-book, and equally as excited to have Adam’s handy work as part of it too!!! Here is a sneak peek from Amy’s shoot recently…

*WOD Dogs is a fundraising project in support of RSPCA Qld… All proceeds from sales of the photo-book (once complete) go to helping RSPCA Qld Inspectorate fight animal cruelty…

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