POD – 031113

The annual Intensity PT Photoshoot was held today and was every bit as good as last year’s! The theme was ‘pop pin up’ and each of the ladies looked incredible! For those of you not familiar with this little event; it is a celebration of Belinda Wasowski’s PT Clients’ results. A culminating event for them to train for as some added incentive.  This year, Bel’ stepped it up and rented a photography studio – Sam Thies Photography. The set up was a dream come true for me and so the shoot was my most enjoyable yet!!! The event was again catered for by my stunning and talented wife, Shan (My Food Religion)…

Here is a sneak peek from behind the scenes… Once Bel’ has made a book of my images,  and provided to the ladies, I will share some more…

Girls 1777 Prep 1778 Prep 1779 Prep 1781 Prep 1782 Prep 1783 Prep 1784 Prep 1785 Prep 1786 Prep 1787

POD – 160413

Apologies for the break… Was having some technical issues. I would like to start by giving my condolences and prayers to everyone who was affected by the Boston bombing this morning…

Late last year, I was asked to shoot a group of fantastic women who had devoted some serious time, sweat and tears to become ‘twisted steel, and sex appeal’! These women were all trained under the superior guidance of Belinda Wasowski, a close friend of my wife and I. This event was the culmination of their year of training, and celebration of what they had each achieved; allowing them to ‘frock up’, have their makeup professionally done, be exclusively snapped in a studio-like setting, eat paleo treats (provided by my beautiful wife, Shan @ My Food Religion, and suck on some bubbly too!

If you are Brissy based, and seeking a PT who not only provides unequivocal functional training and nutrition advice, but gives the extra mile when it comes to personal touch and customer service, you NEED to contact Bel’