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I just had a kick ar$e morning with Rob Noy and the CrossFit CrossAxed crew, taking shots for their new website, being launched shortly! The community Rob and his team have built is extraordinary and it’s easy to see why CrossAxed has such a great rep’ in SEQ! If you are a ‘south-sider’ (near Morningside), get on over to check out the scene and get amongst it at CrossAxed!

Here’s a little preview from the session:



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POD – 071213

My day absolutely kicked ar$e… I spent the morning shooting Dr. Sian Stevens (Vet at Brisbane Veterinary Specialist Centre – BVSC), a mad CrossFitter and Paleo advocate, and her little man – Arnie, as part of my WOD Dogs project! Our first location was at the Animal Hospital and I was privileged enough to go behind the scenes and watch the best vets in Brisbane care for the sick and injured. After playing Doctors and Nurses, we then split to have some breakfast at my favourite Brisbane cafe (and now Sian’s!) – Primal Pantry, where we both smashed the Sticky Pork dish and a Bullet Proof. Once refuelled it was off to get some more happy snaps at an amazing space – CrossFit Lift!

I will let the shots speak for themselves; however, I am pretty glad that this ‘doctor by day, athlete by night’ is on board! If you want to read more on Sian and Arnies’ story, you are going to have to buy the book; WOD Dogs! Watch this space!

Sian & Arnie 1895 Sian & Arnie 1896 Sian & Arnie 1897 Sian & Arnie 1900



POD – 231113

PhoDOGraphy (WOD Dogs) –

I have struggled with a little bit of self-doubt the last few weeks, in the lead up to kicking off the WOD Dogs shoots. While the support and encouragement has been tremendous, I continued to feel like I may have bitten off more than I could chew and wondered if I was skilled enough to capture the essence of the connections between the athletes and their dogs. I couldn’t help but feel like I was going to let everyone down… And, driving down the Coast to my first shoot with a couple that live and breathe animal welfare, are model pet owners, and staunch supporters of RSPCA, I was nervous as sh*t!!!

That all went away when I walked in the door at Raw Strength and Conditioning – Home for Jess Coughlan, and Dragon (the Corgi x Shepherd and star of WOD Dogs), Khaleesi the cat, and their four little chooks. Seeing the interactions between Jess and her animals, it reinforced to me the reason I am doing this, and that there are amazing people treating their pets with as much (if not, more) love as they would a child. The amazing bond between Jess and Dragon, was absolutely heart-warming.

Jess was the first athlete I invited to be a part of my WOD Dogs project for the reasons above. Her life revolves around her animals and she had adopted Dragon from the RSPCA as a pup. I can’t give too much away, as I need to withhold some images, suspense and surprises in order to sell the book and support RSPCA Qld; however, here is a little teaser of what you will see as part of Jess and Dragons’ feature… For more, you are just going to have to buy the book when it is released early 2014!!!

Please share this with your friends and family, generate interest, spread the word of this project, and the plight of RSPCA in fighting animal cruelty. Thank you. And, thank you Jess and Dragon.

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POD – 161113

I love being able to capture moments of triumph… Special times in an athletes career where they achieve a milestone or smash a PR out of the ball park… That is what I love about my job, and it is what CrossFit has brought to the health and fitness industry. Benchmarked programming, is what it is about. Yes, it’s randomised, but it is structured randomisation. There is periodisation, and always benchmarking – it makes athletes hungry, driven and motivated to improve. And, your box, coaches and the people around you hold you accountable, push you to strive further and that is precisely why it works. So, wherever you are and however you are training, PURSUE YOUR EVOLUTION! #againfaster

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