POD – 301213

After a little break, I am back… With some donkey lovin’… It has taken me a little while to realise that photography isn’t always about the sharpest focus, the detail or the edit; it is always about the moment. I actually took this on my iPhone a few years back and for the pure reason that it represents true connection in a language that we all understand and doesn’t involve words, it is an image and moment I love.

I hope everyone had an amazing time over Xmas with loved ones.

Donkey Love 1918

POD – 250913

World, meet Piper Boyce. This little angel belongs to two very special, extremely amazing parents, Briony and Bede. This shoot was significant for reasons I don’t need to describe; needless to say I was honoured beyond words to be asked to photograph this trio… A little like Briony and Bede love Piper beyond words… And it’s pretty easy to see why!

Hope you like this sneak peek B & B! Much love… X

IMG_0699 IMG_0748 IMG_1058 IMG_1115

Photo of the Day (POD) – 140313

The FITographer’s first POD! This rolling blog will consist of a daily photo… My offering to you, partly to showcase my work, but also to give you some inspiration and motivation, make you smile or to promote someone else’s work, that has inspired me.

You are welcome to copy these POD’s (all other pages and images are for purchase only) and use them for your own purpose; I only ask that you please abide copyright, keep my watermark intact, and don’t edit the photos in any way…

This monumental moment is dedicated to my amazingly beautiful wife. She is someone who inspires me everyday, she’s my best friend and my biggest supporter. The below photo is a marketing shot I took of her for her blog and consulting business ‘My Food Religion’… If you haven’t already, go check it out; the most incredible, clean, whole food recipes and nutritional info’ / education!

I hope you enjoy my work…