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I thought I had better post something significant and special for my 100th post!!! So here it is…

There are many reasons why I love Instagram so much. Among those reasons is the fantastic photography, and the positive community it continues to build creating exposure and connections across all industries. While many accounts are simply an ‘eye party’, a majority don’t have much purpose other than showing a person’s life in pictures (and a lot of the time, a sh*t load of ‘selfies’)! However, there are exceptions to this – Those who are doing amazingly selfless things in their life and really giving back, using Instagram as a platform to promote their cause… Given I have an obsession with dogs and their welfare, ¬†one person’s account really touched me. Her story and plight is freaking amazing!

I stumbled across Jimena Hoyos‘ account a while ago. She takes some cool dog shots, but the coolest part is the story and meaning behind each dogs’ photo…

Jimena is a Colombian native (Bogota) who had grown up in a fairly lawless society where there was an over population of dogs, strays were almost an epidemic, and their was a prevalence of cruelty and neglect to both owned and stray dogs. Jimena left Colombia to act in America but returned frequently, and each time she came home, she would see the problem growing. She started taking pics of the dogs just for herself, and then one day decided that she needed to take action. Jimena fabricated a food dispenser (holding up to 40kgs of dry food) and installed it in the street to feed some of the homeless dogs. It was a success and so in order to continue to make and install more, Jimena came up with the genius and creative idea of making frames for her pictures out of scrap materials that replicated the environment they came from and then auctioning the pieces (you can see her work HERE). All proceeds went into her newly created charity, called ‘Gozques’ (meaning mongrel / mutt in Spanish). You can watch Jimena’s (and Gozques) story HERE.

So, after following each other for a while on Instagram, we decided to do a little collaboration. I was to edit one of Jimena’s pics… I asked her to choose her saddest, most meaningful photo and my challenge was to transform it into something that would make it even more meaningful, yet not a painful memory anymore. Jimena gave me a pic of an elderly dog… Jimena couldn’t even bring herself to tell me his story and so I knew it must have meant a great deal to her…

SO, drum-roll… Here he is – The before and after. I hope I did him and his story justice?!

Jimena’s pic:



My edit:

Old Boy 2