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Aside from RSPCA Qld, there is another charity that I am extremely passionate about… Great Dane Rescue. The work that this group does is amazing and has saved and changed the lives of so many Danes for the better. Shan and I have been a part of this group for a while now, and throughout that time, have seen some horrific cases, been able to help rebuild broken bodies and broken trust, and then watched with bitter sweetness as those fosters go to their forever homes. Well, today we took the plunge and decided that we would be giving a forever home to one lucky little girl! There’s no giving this one away, and the pics will tell you why!!! Audrey ‘Crash’ Cooper (11wk old, Merle) has been a part of our family now for just over 4 hours and already her big brother is in love, and so are Mum and Dad!!! Thank you Clare and Great Dane Rescue. What you do can’t be put into words…

Audrey 1920 Audrey 1921 Audrey 1922 Audrey 1923

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Sh*t happens in life that tests every fibre of your being… And, when you are confronted with a ‘challenge’; your mind is the only thing that limits you, defeats you, or sees you overcome and adapt. That’s for anyone without a dog. For those with a dog, you only have to look at them to see that life isn’t about material bullsh*t, Facebook ‘likes’, or keeping up with the latest fashion… It is about loyalty, love, connection, protection and trust. Sometimes we need to strip our life back to the basics.

If you have issues, go find a dog… #phoDOGraphy

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MOD – 201013

I was blessed to be approached by EzyDog recently to take a few product shots as well as test-drive their amazing suite of canine accessories… EzyDog have also come on board in support of WOD Dogs and have kindly provided some products for our feature dogs to test drive! One of the products Astro and I have been mucking around with is their ‘Convert Harness‘… I was able to rig up my GoPro on it and give a dog’s eye view of Astro’s world… I couldn’t resist putting this little clip together. Enjoy…