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Becoming a more efficient ‘fat burner’

Carrying on from last night, if you are new to the primal/paleo scene or are curious about how to move from a grain/sugar heavy diet, or a typical body building diet where you only consume lean proteins and leafy greens; then this is how you should probably start:

Increase your ‘good’ fat intake – Consume more of the pastured animals (grass fed and finished), pastured eggs, Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT), omega 3’s, and Coconut products, and start to cut out the sugars you eat that aren’t naturally occurring. What this does is allows your mitochondria (these little suckers take the nutrients from what you consume and convert it to energy) to get used to doing what they are supposed to do, and convert fats (fatty acids) to readily available energy (ATP), rather than sugars. Your body actually prefers to, and is more efficient at, converting fats into ATP. Sugars (glucose), when converted, produces a sh*t load of free radicals as a by product. These free radicals are responsible for arteriosclerosis, premature ageing (through oxidative stress), inflammation… The list goes on. When you burn fatty acids, the by-product is ketones, and your mitochondria (if functioning properly) will clean these up so your free radical count is significantly reduced!

Take your carb intake to about 50-100gms per day – Depending on your activity levels…

Avoid lean proteins – Start to eat your crackling! Eating the fats from your animal sources will ensure that your protein intake doesn’t get converted to glucose and start to screw your attempts to regulate insulin!

And… Just Eat Real Food!

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POD – 210413

I am honoured and excited to be photographing Kawana Boxing Club’s first Fight Night, this coming Friday night. A good mate of mine (Troy McGaughran) has poured his heart and soul into building the club and community that train and fight out of it, including his sons, Josh and Bailey (both trained by their Dad)… Both these boys are Nationally awarded and recognised Junior fighters; Josh (pictured in training below) very recently destroyed the field to earn himself the title of Australian Junior Champ, and his little bro Bailey won QLD Junior Boxer of the Year 2012. Watch this space for the images of what is shaping up to be a magic night of talented fighters doing battle! Nice work Goffo, and thank you for the opportunity to shoot this event!  


POD – 160413

Apologies for the break… Was having some technical issues. I would like to start by giving my condolences and prayers to everyone who was affected by the Boston bombing this morning…

Late last year, I was asked to shoot a group of fantastic women who had devoted some serious time, sweat and tears to become ‘twisted steel, and sex appeal’! These women were all trained under the superior guidance of Belinda Wasowski, a close friend of my wife and I. This event was the culmination of their year of training, and celebration of what they had each achieved; allowing them to ‘frock up’, have their makeup professionally done, be exclusively snapped in a studio-like setting, eat paleo treats (provided by my beautiful wife, Shan @ My Food Religion, and suck on some bubbly too!

If you are Brissy based, and seeking a PT who not only provides unequivocal functional training and nutrition advice, but gives the extra mile when it comes to personal touch and customer service, you NEED to contact Bel’

















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I chose the name ‘The FITographer’ based on my love of all things that represent health, vitality, fitness, and aesthetics… Everything I shoot incorporates one or more of those elements; the people, whether they are an athlete, pregnant mum, or family, the animals, all represent health and majesty, and the automotive pieces are just damn sexy! Another subject I love to shoot is food! Healthy, wholesome, clean and presentable dishes… In particular, the dishes created by my wife My Food Religion. Given I am always hungry, especially this morning, I thought it apt to post some of my recent food shots… Hope they make you salivate too. Even better, go to My Food Religion and try your hand at cooking one of Shan’s insanely good recipes…



















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Happy Easter!

Every year, wifey (My Food Religion) and I host ‘Brisbane’s Best Buns’… It’s a contest between our family and close mates where we each have to source or make Hot Cross Buns to see who has the best. Easter Sunday is tasting and judging day (with the odd chocolate egg… or 100) thrown in for good measure! Given Shan and I are health nuts and always trying to come up with a clean or Paleo Hot Cross Bun version, they always end up going to sh!t (OK, they only end up going to sh!t when I make them… Like last year when I made Hot Cross Rocks and had to pay for people’s dental bills!!!). This year, Shan is destined to win by a mile with her below (Paleo) Dark Chocolate & Orange Hot Cross Buns. I know this because I stole one this morning fresh out of the oven… Shhhh. #mouthparty!!!


For all you athletes, or those trying to clean up your nutrition and looking for recipes and education, click HERE and enjoy!

POD – 150313

I am privileged to be shooting the CrossFit Games Open ‘Friday Night Lights’ series tonight at CrossFit Mitchelton… If you are local, you should definitely get down and cheer the lads and ladies on as they flog themselves with the 10mins of hell that 13.2 promises to be… One of the athletes competing is the lady below, Jessica Lai (J-Lai), among many other aesthetically pleasing people… So whether you like training, are curious about the sport of CrossFit, or just want a cheeky perve (ladies… I will put money on EVERY bloke getting their shirt off during the session too!), CrossFit Mitchelton is where it is at tonight!


Photo of the Day (POD) – 140313

The FITographer’s first POD! This rolling blog will consist of a daily photo… My offering to you, partly to showcase my work, but also to give you some inspiration and motivation, make you smile or to promote someone else’s work, that has inspired me.

You are welcome to copy these POD’s (all other pages and images are for purchase only) and use them for your own purpose; I only ask that you please abide copyright, keep my watermark intact, and don’t edit the photos in any way…

This monumental moment is dedicated to my amazingly beautiful wife. She is someone who inspires me everyday, she’s my best friend and my biggest supporter. The below photo is a marketing shot I took of her for her blog and consulting business ‘My Food Religion’… If you haven’t already, go check it out; the most incredible, clean, whole food recipes and nutritional info’ / education!

I hope you enjoy my work…