POD – 090614

I love my work for the simple reason that I get to hang out with (and meet) amazingly talented, healthy, positive and driven people. This past week, I had the pleasure of working with such a group (again) – The crew at HangStrong Gymnastics; this time to shoot their new Tee and Singlet line. There are some wicked designs and colours up for grabs… So, if you can’t walk the walk, or talk the talk, at least try and bluff everyone by looking the goods! Visit the team >>HERE<< to get more information on not only their rad clothing, but their coaching services to anyone/affiliate/gym wishing to become more efficient in gymnastic movement. There is no better crew to take you to the next level…


POD – 021113

After a 12wk reset of his nutrition program and taking on the ‘Live Lean Method‘ through the Nutrition Project; Pete Morris had some pretty astounding results – As you can see… I was lucky to be asked to shoot Pete this morning and after looking though some of his shots, I reckon there may be some modelling agents knocking on his door very soon! Here is a couple from our morning at the beautiful Kangaroo Point and surrounds!

Pete 1777 Pete 1778