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The WOD Dogs of our CrossFit Regionals (Australia) Athletes thought they would send some personal messages of love and good luck to their amazingly talented, athlete humans… And while I am on the topic, I would like to thank each of you for being a part of this project. You are all an inspiration, show true grace and talent in your sport (and personally) and regardless of where you place, you are all number one in my eyes!

Amanda Claire Jess Kara Kristie Scotty Vick

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I was privileged to be asked by Revie of CrossFit Babes Miami to shoot their first Games Day… It comprised ‘Babes’ athletes only, and was a showcase of how far these ladies have come in their training and also gave them a taste of competitive CrossFit. And, it didn’t disappoint (for many reasons)! Cracking venue, weather, coaches, support staff/volunteers/judges, a demo by pocket rocket Jessica Coughlan (Rogue Athlete, placing 6th at the 2013 CrossFit Regionals – Australia), and great stalls by ASN and Thea Doyle. Overall, it was testament to Revie and Clayton’s hard work, professionalism and dedication to their clients. Here’s a little sneak peek at the day (I haven’t included too many individual shots as I wanted Revie to be able to post them for the box, herself – trust me, there are MANY more!):

IMG_6774 IMG_6811 IMG_6815 IMG_6818 IMG_6827 IMG_6835 IMG_6863 IMG_6876 IMG_6931 IMG_7001 IMG_7022 IMG_7034 IMG_7072 IMG_7094 IMG_7102 IMG_7109 IMG_7114 IMG_7128 IMG_7237 IMG_7239 IMG_7241 IMG_7248 IMG_7353 IMG_7386 IMG_7390 IMG_7400 IMG_7493 IMG_7604 IMG_7638 IMG_7743 IMG_7774 IMG_7793 IMG_7800 IMG_7846 IMG_7915 IMG_7992 IMG_8010 IMG_8013 IMG_8021 Jess Reflection 1

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Some pimped up pics from the Allstar Affiliate Series (Brisbane)… And a very cool little passage from Jon Gilson, Again Faster owner:

If you’re here for the money, turn around now. We’ll find you out, and we’ll eat you alive.

See, we don’t need another paleo whatever. We’ve got enough compression, and our shoes work just fine. Our barbells no longer bend, and buying an entire gym takes minutes, not days. We don’t need a “revolutionary med ball”.

Your app does what my watch does. Graphing my workout doesn’t make my times faster or my lifts heavier, and checking in my clients is pretty easy when it consists of a hug and a hello. 

Your print ads don’t convince me, and your supplement won’t do anything I can’t accomplish in a grocery store. See, we are not a business opportunity, not the next big thing. We are not a consumer demographic. 

Rather, we are a Community united, real people on a mission, unyielding in our pursuit of progress.

Teach us to be better. Push human performance forward. Help us figure out how to better serve our clients, the men and women learning to air squat for the first time, the eighteen year old kid who wants to compete. Give us tools that matter, give us education, make your value so obvious that you could sell it without saying a word.

See, we don’t want to eat you alive. We want to hug you. Give us a reason, just one, to love what you do, to bring you into the fold. Focus on excellence, on contribution, on being an asset to this Community. Find a need, find a deficit, fill it with overwhelming force. 

Please, show us that money is the last thing on your mind. Show us that you’re one of us, on a mission to build a better world, show us that you matter.

See, it’s not the money you’re looking for. It’s the Community, and we’re right here. Waiting.

AF Shirts HangStrong 1454 HangStrong 1474 HangStrong 1489 HangStrong 1616 HangStrong 1649 HangStrong 1661 HangStrong 1771 HangStrong 1859 IMG_3188 IMG_3236 IMG_3289 IMG_3351 IMG_3620 IMG_3633 IMG_3878 IMG_4066 IMG_4111 IMG_4228 IMG_4333 IMG_4365 IMG_4452 IMG_4455 IMG_4563 IMG_4578 IMG_4587 IMG_4687


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This is part-reason why CrossFit is hitting its straps internationally… This is why the CrossFit community is so tight and growing every day… This is why CrossFit demands and delivers real results… This is why CrossFit is developing and fostering serious athletic talents across the world…

Because it takes you to where you wouldn’t normally be prepared to venture yourself, physically and mentally; in an environment that ensures safety and camaraderie. It teaches you resilience and self awareness, adaptation to repetitive loads, and lactic hell, and it puts you on your arse every time if you do it properly!!!


IMG_0275 IMG_0655 (1) IMG_0952 IMG_0954 IMG_1058 IMG_1071 IMG_1127 IMG_1132 IMG_1423 IMG_1519 IMG_1708 IMG_1990 IMG_2181 IMG_2420 IMG_2616 IMG_2628 IMG_2639 IMG_3142 IMG_3367 IMG_4056 IMG_4064 IMG_4092 IMG_4889 IMG_4951 IMG_4958 IMG_5015 (1) IMG_5017 (1) IMG_5106 (1) IMG_8869

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Mum always told me you can tell a lot about someone by the way they dress… And, I am inclined to think that she was on the money! Don’t get me wrong; I am a bloke’s fashion-whore, and it seems so too are thousands of other CrossFitters. I absolutely love (no sarcasm intended) that every CrossFit Event is as colourful as Carnival – Brazil! And, this weekend was no exception at CrossFit Sunshine Coast‘s Throwdown (Caloundra). From personalised Nano’s, to neon head bands with matching socks, to old-school Vollies, there were some funky outfits (being worn by some serious athletes) getting down and dirty in the mud and rain! Here are just a few pics I snuck for Again Faster Media. For the remainder, be watching the Again Faster Facebook page and while you are at it, ‘like’ them to get other great updates on products/equipment/apparel, their sponsored athletes, and a broad range of health and fitness topics. A big thank you to Lori, Lee and the volunteers from CF SC for planning, hosting and managing such a magic event!

AF1 IMG_0006 (1) IMG_0031 (1) IMG_0113 (1) IMG_0125 (1) IMG_0158 (1) IMG_0275 IMG_0407 (1) IMG_0411 (1) IMG_0467 (1) IMG_0521 (1) IMG_0561 (1) IMG_0586 (1) IMG_0655 (1) IMG_0697 (1) IMG_9829 (1)



POD – 230513

CrossFit Regionals are upon us… And, this man is amongst it, with his eyes fixed on the highest step of the podium… I would wish you luck Zack, but you don’t need it…!!!

To read more about this man and his mission, business, training and nutrition philosophies, click >>HERE<<


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Lads and ladies, I bring to you my next feature athlete… Some of you may know this humble yet lethal beast, and for those of you that don’t; his name is Zack Williams and he is about to compete at the CrossFit Games Regionals in a few weeks time. He is also a successful businessman, trainer and all-round champion of a person. Please take the time to read my interview and enjoy the pics I took of him in training (and possibly showing off a little for the camera) 👉HERE👈… If you aren’t impressed and inspired to make a positive change in your life after reading this, you are clinically dead!!!