POD – 250314

The SportsMed sponsored WOD Dogs road trip took us to a very cool little box owned by Sion Cousins and his partner, Natasha KazmierczakCrossFit Bodhi. On arrival, we thought we had ventured into a zoo when Sash, the Lab x Panther, stealthily made her way over to us, blending into the black rubber flooring… She was one of the most majestic looking dogs I have ever seen, and from the photos below, I think you’ll agree! Sion, Tash and Sashs’ story is a special one, and without giving too much away, here is some of what Tash had to tell me about their unity…

“We came across Sasha after Sion started following Big Dog Rescue. One of our friends had rescued a gorgeous dog from there a while back. Sion saw her photo and shared on Facebook to get people interested in adopting her. The share was almost successful with a few friends of ours interested, plus our families who also contemplated taking her too. But the more and more we shared, they just never turned out. So one day we decided that we want to meet her ourselves. When she got out of the car, we fell in love! She was this gentle giant who just didn’t have a care in the world and was so loving!”

And, the rest is history… Sash’ hasn’t left Sion and Tashs’ sides from that moment. Here is a sneak peek at some of the images we caught at CrossFit Bodhi!

Sion 1984 Sion 1985 Sion 1986 Sion 1987 Sion 1988