POD – 070413

This is why I love what I do… The Mellifont family were an absolute pleasure to work with… The cutest kids, with manners to match; testament to the close bond they keep with their Mum and Dad, and the love and guidance they are given. We had to break the shoot into 2 parts due to weather, but here is a sneak peek of Part I. I also need to thank my father-in-law for the use of his warehouse in Teneriffe. It was the best backdrop a photographer could ask for… So thank you Dan Williams!!!

IMG_0302 IMG_0083 2 IMG_0114 2 IMG_0135 2 IMG_0161 2 IMG_0261 2 IMG_0401 2 IMG_0467 2 IMG_0474 2 IMG_0525 2 IMG_0536 2 IMG_0546 2