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I spent a lazy Sunday afternoon exploring the in-laws’ new development in Teneriffe, like a little kid in my ultimate cubby house!!! When this thing is completed, it will be, without a doubt, the most AMAZING living space in South East Queensland… #underconstruction

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POD – 051113

I have been lucky enough to do some photographic work for an amazing company – EzyDog. The support these guys have shown me has been phenomenal… If you haven’t seen their gear, and are an active dog owner; please take the time to browse their website >>HERE<<. Some of my WOD Dogs athletes and dogs have been trailing the equipment (Astro and I included), and it is without a doubt the best on the market!

Lily and Charlie think so too!

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POD – 221013

It is sometimes a little inconvenient and obsessive when everywhere you go, you have to carry your camera with you… Just in case… But, I know that many photographers will agree with me in saying this: As a photographer (whether you are a professional or just a ‘weekend warrior’ like me), you look at absolutely everything in a creative way and pay more attention to beauty and uniqueness, and seek those things in your everyday life, not letting an opportunity to capture them slip you by… I love that everything I look at is beautiful…

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POD – 070413

This is why I love what I do… The Mellifont family were an absolute pleasure to work with… The cutest kids, with manners to match; testament to the close bond they keep with their Mum and Dad, and the love and guidance they are given. We had to break the shoot into 2 parts due to weather, but here is a sneak peek of Part I. I also need to thank my father-in-law for the use of his warehouse in Teneriffe. It was the best backdrop a photographer could ask for… So thank you Dan Williams!!!

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