POD – 051113

I have been lucky enough to do some photographic work for an amazing company – EzyDog. The support these guys have shown me has been phenomenal… If you haven’t seen their gear, and are an active dog owner; please take the time to browse their website >>HERE<<. Some of my WOD Dogs athletes and dogs have been trailing the equipment (Astro and I included), and it is without a doubt the best on the market!

Lily and Charlie think so too!

POD 1804

POD – 281013

Sh*t happens in life that tests every fibre of your being… And, when you are confronted with a ‘challenge’; your mind is the only thing that limits you, defeats you, or sees you overcome and adapt. That’s for anyone without a dog. For those with a dog, you only have to look at them to see that life isn’t about material bullsh*t, Facebook ‘likes’, or keeping up with the latest fashion… It is about loyalty, love, connection, protection and trust. Sometimes we need to strip our life back to the basics.

If you have issues, go find a dog… #phoDOGraphy

Astro_Final 1776

POD – 041013

I have three words… Karra.Leigh.Haight! Let’s make this amazing woman Covergirl of Oxygen Magazine. All you have to do is click >>HERE<<… Today was a fitness shoot with Karra to mark the near completion of a massive goal – competing in the IFBB Women’s Figure comp in 2 weeks time. Karra has busted her ar$e to drop a massive 54kgs, carved an impressive new physique and overhauled her health. I can only show you a few of her shots as the remainder are a surprise for the model herself.

A huge thank you to Karra for asking me to do this shoot (I am very honoured!), Tamara Cross for your assistance today and amazing training, advice and support to Karra, and to Darren Young for the use of your freaking amazing box / gym (Breaking Point Fitness / CrossFit S.P.E.E.D)!

IMG_1753 IMG_1853 IMG_1872