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I am back! Sorry for the lacking posts, but I was off having the holiday of a lifetime, eating some seriously naughty, foreign food and seeing the most incredible sights I could wish for… And, while away I had a lot of time to reflect and realised that I was falling into the syndrome of spending half my life on-line trying to be a presence, generate ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ and seeking meaningless gratification that sometimes dictated my mood for the day… I was feeling pressure to continually post on here and it was taking the gloss off something that is supposed to be my true passion.  After taking a break from the cyber world, I realised that I was actually somewhat free, and that the world didn’t stop if I stopped posting. I realised that I had been creating an abundance of clutter in my life for superficial reasons… That’s about to stop. My time on here is going to be more about quality than quantity. No sub-standard sh!t. And if it is sub-standard, you all need to pull me up (a lot like this dribble right now!)…

Over the next few days, I will share some chosen images of my European trip… In the meantime, here is the Louvre, Paris, by night…


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I spent a lazy Sunday afternoon exploring the in-laws’ new development in Teneriffe, like a little kid in my ultimate cubby house!!! When this thing is completed, it will be, without a doubt, the most AMAZING living space in South East Queensland… #underconstruction

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It is sometimes a little inconvenient and obsessive when everywhere you go, you have to carry your camera with you… Just in case… But, I know that many photographers will agree with me in saying this: As a photographer (whether you are a professional or just a ‘weekend warrior’ like me), you look at absolutely everything in a creative way and pay more attention to beauty and uniqueness, and seek those things in your everyday life, not letting an opportunity to capture them slip you by… I love that everything I look at is beautiful…

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