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I love being able to capture moments of triumph… Special times in an athletes career where they achieve a milestone or smash a PR out of the ball park… That is what I love about my job, and it is what CrossFit has brought to the health and fitness industry. Benchmarked programming, is what it is about. Yes, it’s randomised, but it is structured randomisation. There is periodisation, and always benchmarking – it makes athletes hungry, driven and motivated to improve. And, your box, coaches and the people around you hold you accountable, push you to strive further and that is precisely why it works. So, wherever you are and however you are training, PURSUE YOUR EVOLUTION! #againfaster

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I have been lucky enough to do some photographic work for an amazing company – EzyDog. The support these guys have shown me has been phenomenal… If you haven’t seen their gear, and are an active dog owner; please take the time to browse their website >>HERE<<. Some of my WOD Dogs athletes and dogs have been trailing the equipment (Astro and I included), and it is without a doubt the best on the market!

Lily and Charlie think so too!

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In order to share the progress of WOD Dogs, I have decided to create a Facebook Page. The aim of the page is not only to update you on the Photo-Book, but also to showcase the community spirit of the project and give the opportunity for ALL athletes of all sporting disciplines to share their love for CrossFit/Sport/Fitness/Health and their DOGS! I want to make this a world-wide collaboration and pay tribute to all the dogs out there that shape your well being, make your box a happier place to train, never miss a game, are a mascot to your team, bark and cheer you on to get you through a gassy METCON or heavy set, that make your world the best world… That are your world. I want you to share your best, funniest and most creative pics with me and the followers of this project, to give inspiration and happiness through the amazing things you and your dog can do together!

Go to: www.facebook.com/WODdogs



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My new ‘Feature Athlete’ post is up…┬áIt’s one for the ladies out there who are curious about the protocols around training during and post pregnancy, and an insight into the life of a true athlete, switched on ‘glam-azon’, proud wife and doting mum… Lily Cosgrove. Read it >>HERE<<


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Rest Day…

Maxxy wants you to ponder a few questions on your rest day and we can come back to them tomorrow:

1. “How do your rate your recovery”?

2. “What are you training for”?

3. “Are you being productive or counter-productive with your training modalities and volumes of each”?

To be continued…

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