POD – 091114

It reaffirms why I am doing the WOD Dogs project when I have the pleasure of hanging out with very cool, loving and energy giving people and dogs… Today was such an experience. I was given a great opportunity to shoot a good friend and her pooch as part of both the WOD Dogs project and for Lululemon Athletica – Carindale, in support of DOGasana.

*DOGasana is a Lululemon Athletica – Carindale hosted event raising money for RSPCA Qld. The event is open to all, and will involve a 3km walk and the opportunity to participate in a yoga class with your pooch among other great activities for all ages and abilities. The event is held at 1400h, Hawthorne Park, Bulimba on 30 Nov 14. You can register >>HERE<<

Yogi, Jaymie Koch, and her RSPCA rescue pooch Lucy put on a show for me this afternoon at the Powerhouse. This duo couldn’t be more worthy and suitable to be part of WOD Dogs! *And… A huge thank you to Craig for his mad choreography skills and getting his little girl Lucy to pull some rad tricks and poses!

JK_FB 261 JK_FB 267 JK_FB 269

POD – 231014

Some public gratitude to my extraordinary wife…

This woman is a seriously amazing character. For the last 9mths she has been the most positive, healthful and amazingly radiant woman. She has put our bub first on every occasion, only providing Grace with the best nutrition, armed herself with great education and been the most zen human throughout the whole pregnancy. Watching what she went through to bring Grace into the world was mind-blowing (even that is an understatement). I guarantee any mere male would be asking to be put down at the first contraction and yet Shan persevered and showed such self control and resilience in the face of some serious pain. And because of all this, we now have the coolest little human on our hands (I know it’s early days and I will likely eat my words, but Grace will always be ‘Daddy’s little girl’ and a princess in my eyes).

So, Shan… I can’t thank you enough for being the most amazing Mum-to-be and now the most amazing Mum. You are incredible. I had immense respect for you before all this. That respect is now off the charts! Welcome to Chapter 2…

My Girls 213 My Girl 214

POD – 201014 (Our little Gracie) X

Gracie’s First Day in Life…

It would be contrived to try explain the emotional roller coaster of the last 24hrs, for too many reasons. I saw Shan valiantly deliver the most precious gift I could ever receive and from the moment she opened her eyes and we locked on each other, I knew my world had changed forever… Both my fathers’ summed it up in a way I could never…

One said:

“It’s a curious mix of emotions and feelings that cannot quite be penned but it is extraordinary to say the least. A calming feeling that you are immortal, that whatever happens you have carried on your lineage, a fierce protective nature surfaces where maternal instincts from both sides come into play, a love that is unexpected, and all pervading and now…you know with certainty how I feel about you.”

The other:

“This moment now changes your life forever. Your little girl will look at her Dad as the first man she will love, she will be guided by you, and in future years will judge all others by the standard you set. She will forever idolise her dad even though you will no doubt, make her laugh or cry, make her proud or glad & even sometimes sad, she will look to you as her first love & always hold those memories close. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake or say no to her, you need to be human with good points and faults so when she makes a life of her own, she expects normality not perfection.”

I only hope I am half the Dad you both are…

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POD – 180914

Michael Boyd… hashtag WEAPON!!! Thanks for a very cool shoot today and best of luck at MuscleMania this weekend big fella! A big shout out to CrossFit Torian for yet again giving me a sweet space to do my thing!

IMG_4727 IMG_4772 IMG_4825 IMG_4955

POD – 140914

Today saw me supporting Belinda Wasowski’s annual Intensity Personal Training photo-shoot for the third year and it is always one of my favourite events to photograph! This year’s theme was ‘Primal Princess’ and shot with a bushland backdrop in Teneriffe Parklands. Every one of the ladies were a dream to work with and blew me away with their radiance, confidence and grace. And, it is always testament to the host, Belinda; her mentorship and approach with her clients consistently demands strong results. Thanks for yet another amazing day… Here is a sneak peek at some of the images form the day:

Bel 034 Bel 035 (1) Bel 035 Bel 036 Bel 037 Bel 038 Bel 041

POD – 070914

For those that know me, know that I am an excitable dude… And so when I was confronted with the bodies and personalities of these ladies to shoot, I was pretty freaking excited!!! Amelia, Jacinda, Jaana and Darcia, are all stepping on stage in their first ever figure comps over the next fortnight, and so wanted to get some shots taken as a memento of their hard work and dedication… These bad a$$ ladies have been constructed by none other than Ms. Figure Pro Universe, Tammie Sarkozy. So, it was little wonder they were looking extremely sharp and well prepared! The afternoon was one of my most fun to date and it couldn’t have been the success it was without the support of CrossFit Torian as one well kitted out FITography studio!!!

Here’s a preview of what we got up to:

Amelia 030 Darcia_Silhouette 025 Jaana 028 Jacinda 029 Prowler_Insta_Darcia