POD – 041015

For a couple of years now, I have been lucky enough to work with Tammie Sarkozy’s clients (Tammie’s Angels), pre and post comp’. It’s always such an epic experience seeing the hard work each lady has invested in themselves and they all seriously beam with positivity and staunch confidence… Thanks to Tammy and these ladies, I had one of the most memorable weekends in my photographic career to date. And, thank you to the always wicked back-drop, CrossFit Torian!!! Here is a preview of what went down…


Tam's Angels 434 Tam's Angels 435


Tam's Angels 436 Tam's Angels 437


Tam's Angels 439 Tam's Angels 441


Tam's Angels 442 Tam's Angels 443


Tam's Angels 444 Tam's Angels 445


Tam's Angels 446 Tam's Angels 447

Nicola (and Pops)…

Tam's Angels 448 Tam's Angels 449

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