POD – 240515

I’ve been working with the CrossFit Torian team (and Brisbane Barbell Club) on a little project this week and while the low light conditions have challenged me, I am always in awe of the kick-arse culture and atmosphere of that box… It’s as epic as the physical, palatial environment itself. Here is a very small snippet of what and who I’ve been creeping on to date as part of the project. For more, be watching the CrossFit Torian FB page and their website.

CFT FB Post 315 CFT FB Post 316 CFT FB Post 317 CFT FB Post 318 CFT FB Post 319 CFT FB Post 320 CFT FB Post 321 CFT FB Post 324 CFT FB Post 325 CFT FB Post 326 CFT FB Post 327 CFT FB Post 328 CFT FB Post 329 CFT FB Post 330

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