POD – 091114

It reaffirms why I am doing the WOD Dogs project when I have the pleasure of hanging out with very cool, loving and energy giving people and dogs… Today was such an experience. I was given a great opportunity to shoot a good friend and her pooch as part of both the WOD Dogs project and for Lululemon Athletica – Carindale, in support of DOGasana.

*DOGasana is a Lululemon Athletica – Carindale hosted event raising money for RSPCA Qld. The event is open to all, and will involve a 3km walk and the opportunity to participate in a yoga class with your pooch among other great activities for all ages and abilities. The event is held at 1400h, Hawthorne Park, Bulimba on 30 Nov 14. You can register >>HERE<<

Yogi, Jaymie Koch, and her RSPCA rescue pooch Lucy put on a show for me this afternoon at the Powerhouse. This duo couldn’t be more worthy and suitable to be part of WOD Dogs! *And… A huge thank you to Craig for his mad choreography skills and getting his little girl Lucy to pull some rad tricks and poses!

JK_FB 261 JK_FB 267 JK_FB 269

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