POD – 231014

Some public gratitude to my extraordinary wife…

This woman is a seriously amazing character. For the last 9mths she has been the most positive, healthful and amazingly radiant woman. She has put our bub first on every occasion, only providing Grace with the best nutrition, armed herself with great education and been the most zen human throughout the whole pregnancy. Watching what she went through to bring Grace into the world was mind-blowing (even that is an understatement). I guarantee any mere male would be asking to be put down at the first contraction and yet Shan persevered and showed such self control and resilience in the face of some serious pain. And because of all this, we now have the coolest little human on our hands (I know it’s early days and I will likely eat my words, but Grace will always be ‘Daddy’s little girl’ and a princess in my eyes).

So, Shan… I can’t thank you enough for being the most amazing Mum-to-be and now the most amazing Mum. You are incredible. I had immense respect for you before all this. That respect is now off the charts! Welcome to Chapter 2…

My Girls 213 My Girl 214

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