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Late last year I teamed up with a mate of mine; Sally Brouwer of Sally Brouwer Fitness to award the winner of Sal’s 10 Week Challenge, a dedicated ‘fitness shoot’ and supply of images.

The winner, with a notable transformation (you can see the before and after pics >>HERE<<), was Michaela Smith… This is her story and some of the pics from our shoot at one of my favourite boxes; the very cool CrossFit 189 in Crestmead:

  1. Tell us a little big about yourself, ie, training/sporting background, where you are from, job, hobbies:

Originally from Rockhampton where I grew up. I was often involved in team sports throughout school. I have recently moved to Brisbane in March 2012 to begin training as a Police recruit. Now living in the North Gold Coast and working in Logan as an officer.

  1. Where do you currently train? And, what do you love about it?

I currently train at Crossfit 189 in Crestmead. I love the family that you become a part of, the community you join is like no other sport I have been involved in.

  1. How did you hear about Sally Brouwer, and what compelled you to enter the 10 week challenge?

I heard about Sally through work and wanted to kick start a new healthy lifestyle and thought what better way to start. I needed to challenge myself to make a change.

  1. What did the 10 week challenge teach you about yourself?

It taught me that if I get myself organised, preparing lunches and dinners makes life a lot easier and I am able to eat better food, rather than turning to something less healthy.

  1. Looking back, what are some of the lifestyle changes you have had to make to ensure you reach your goals?

Being organised and preparing meals in advance and knowing what I’ll be eating all that week. So there is no hassle come the end of the day and not knowing.

  1. What are you further goals in health, fitness and wellbeing?

I still have a long way to go to reach my health, fitness and wellbeing goals. They all fall into eachother – the idea is just to keep getting better and making the right choices everyday and to just maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  1. If you could give any advice to anyone reading this right now, what would it be?

Get rid of the negativity in you life, whether it’s people or choices. Change your way of thinking and eat clean.

IMG_2136 IMG_2221 IMG_2259 IMG_2264 IMG_2289

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