POD – 140214

I am not an advocate of Valentines Day and it is coincidence that I am dedicating this post to the most special person in my life and someone who gives me unconditional support and love, beyond what I or anyone would ever deserve in a lifetime. The SportsMed sponsored WOD Dogs Road Trip couldn’t have been executed the way it was without my wife. Shan’ was many things over the trip; a dog whisperer at every shoot, would cook extravagant paleo meals at every stop, was my source of entertainment with her *amazing* singing and jokes on every driving leg, and was the best friend I could ever ask to share this experience with… So, these are for you Shan. I love you…

IMG_3118 IMG_3123 IMG_3138 IMG_3147 IMG_3166 IMG_3171 IMG_3923 IMG_4183 IMG_4194 IMG_4196

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