POD – 020114

I have never understood why New Years was made to be the event it is. As a society, we place too much emphasis on time, and clocks and calendars rule our lives in every aspect… We eat at a certain time, sleep at a certain time, work for designated hours and celebrate anniversaries based on a day/year count. We wait till the turn of the year to make resolutions that are never kept, and place hope on time… We measure everything on time. Imagine if we had to rely on our instincts and true inner self instead of a clock to tell us what we need, when. Imagine if we celebrated every day like it was New Years. Imagine if we lived and loved like there was no tomorrow. Imagine if we didn’t wait for a new day, week or year to make a start on resolutions and actually started them when they very first became a goal or desire…

Deck Shot 1917

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