POD – 081213

Went to a best mate’s 80’s themed birthday party last night… As Vanilla Ice – High-top hair, low crotch happy pants, gold silk jacket and a sleeper the size of a gymnastics ring that magically still went through after my ear lobe hadn’t had anything in it for about 18 years! And, for those of you that know me, know that I don’t really have a ‘moderation’ button. Last night was no exception. I don’t often pollute the temple, and so when I do, I give it and my liver a red hot punch in the undies! I took this selfie this morning to give you an indication of how I feel!

Drooly McDrool 1901

POD – 071213

My day absolutely kicked ar$e… I spent the morning shooting Dr. Sian Stevens (Vet at Brisbane Veterinary Specialist Centre – BVSC), a mad CrossFitter and Paleo advocate, and her little man – Arnie, as part of my WOD Dogs project! Our first location was at the Animal Hospital and I was privileged enough to go behind the scenes and watch the best vets in Brisbane care for the sick and injured. After playing Doctors and Nurses, we then split to have some breakfast at my favourite Brisbane cafe (and now Sian’s!) – Primal Pantry, where we both smashed the Sticky Pork dish and a Bullet Proof. Once refuelled it was off to get some more happy snaps at an amazing space – CrossFit Lift!

I will let the shots speak for themselves; however, I am pretty glad that this ‘doctor by day, athlete by night’ is on board! If you want to read more on Sian and Arnies’ story, you are going to have to buy the book; WOD Dogs! Watch this space!

Sian & Arnie 1895 Sian & Arnie 1896 Sian & Arnie 1897 Sian & Arnie 1900



POD – 011213

I had the greatest morning shooting another instalment to the WOD Dogs project today, at CrossFit Cog! First off the ranks was Kristie Williams and her little pack – Missi (a splash of everything, but mostly Staffy), Apollo (German Shepherd), and Diesel (Staffy X). Kristie recently rescued Missi from a life of abuse whilst Policing in a remote Queensland area. Her road to mental and physical recovery has been a slow but successful one, and you can read all about it on release of the book! Not only is Kristie an amazing advocate for animal welfare, she is also a bloody talented athlete and after less than 6mths of training in CrossFit, qualified for (and competed in) the Australian Regionals this year. Throughout the Opens, Kristie was learning the movements required for each WOD as they were announced, under the watchful eye of her coach, and my next WOD Dogs athlete, Scott Mackenzie…

Kristie 1895 Kristie 1896

Scott and KC Mackenzie are Mum and Dad to 2 x beautiful Dogue De Bordeaux’s (French Mastiffs) – Bill and Betty. When KC applied for Scott and the dogs to be a part of this project, I was already aware of Scott’s standing in the CrossFit community; having been a Regionals competitor, owner and coach at CrossFit Cog, and top place earner at almost every local comp’ that he competes at. What I didn’t know was that Scott and KC’s female Dogue has Cancer and the prognosis isn’t good. So, we hastily arranged this shoot to make sure that we captured Betty in the best health, with her partner in crime, Bill… I won’t spoil the surprise and am withholding Betty’s images; however, can show you one of big Bill, in a bit of a tangle (see below), and his beast of an old man, Scotty. Scott 1895 Scott 1896

Both these athletes and their respective dogs were beautiful to watch and work with. It is heart-warming to know there are people in the world like Scott, KC, and Kristie, who would crawl over broken glass for their dogs, or any dog for that matter!