POD – 111113

I never forget how lucky I am to have such an amazing wife, best mate, and chef… All wrapped up in a cute as sh*t package!!! This woman never stops impressing me with her commitment, knowledge, and passion for health & nutrition, and creativity in the kitchen… I know I am bias, but even if I didn’t know her, I would still be a fan and follower of www.myfoodreligion.com!

Icy Pole 1805

POD – 051113

I have been lucky enough to do some photographic work for an amazing company – EzyDog. The support these guys have shown me has been phenomenal… If you haven’t seen their gear, and are an active dog owner; please take the time to browse their website >>HERE<<. Some of my WOD Dogs athletes and dogs have been trailing the equipment (Astro and I included), and it is without a doubt the best on the market!

Lily and Charlie think so too!

POD 1804

POD – 031113

The annual Intensity PT Photoshoot was held today and was every bit as good as last year’s! The theme was ‘pop pin up’ and each of the ladies looked incredible! For those of you not familiar with this little event; it is a celebration of Belinda Wasowski’s PT Clients’ results. A culminating event for them to train for as some added incentive.  This year, Bel’ stepped it up and rented a photography studio – Sam Thies Photography. The set up was a dream come true for me and so the shoot was my most enjoyable yet!!! The event was again catered for by my stunning and talented wife, Shan (My Food Religion)…

Here is a sneak peek from behind the scenes… Once Bel’ has made a book of my images,  and provided to the ladies, I will share some more…

Girls 1777 Prep 1778 Prep 1779 Prep 1781 Prep 1782 Prep 1783 Prep 1784 Prep 1785 Prep 1786 Prep 1787

POD – 021113

After a 12wk reset of his nutrition program and taking on the ‘Live Lean Method‘ through the Nutrition Project; Pete Morris had some pretty astounding results – As you can see… I was lucky to be asked to shoot Pete this morning and after looking though some of his shots, I reckon there may be some modelling agents knocking on his door very soon! Here is a couple from our morning at the beautiful Kangaroo Point and surrounds!

Pete 1777 Pete 1778