POD – 181113

It seems everywhere we look in this modern world, there is always something that alters our perception of our physical self. Society has been brainwashed to believe that the images we see of unrealistic, disproportionate and unhealthy bodies are what we should strive for. And, then there is the messaging to go behind those images… “Take this wonder drug/pill/powder and get ripped/drop 4 dress sizes/get lean in 4 weeks”. So, the impressionable go out and do exactly as they are told in the latest ‘Muscle’ or ‘Girly’ magazine and end up becoming more and more obsessive about attaining results they will never achieve, winding up with self esteem issues, constantly comparing themselves to another, and worst case, suffering from depression or an eating disorder. We continually look for a quick fix because the industry advertises continuously that it can be done. What they don’t tell you is that it is at the detriment of your short and long term physical and mental health! What they don’t tell you is that you need to work from the inside, out.

The ladies below are lead by a great friend of mine and absolute inspiration, Belinda Wasowski, who is an advocate of changing mindsets about body image in both men and women and testament to her work is the photo shoot I did with her and her clients recently. Every lady there looked stunning, beamed confidence and owned their body image.

There is someone else that is really leading the charge in this space also. Her name is Jessica Smith and she is a Para-Olympic swimmer, motivational speaker, and advocate of positive body image, empowerment and self confidence. Jessica started a movement that is so freaking cool and now many people, both men and women, are jumping on board to spread the message (as per Bel’s team below) – “Join the Revolution… Stop Hating Your Body!”. I hope everyone can take the time to help share Jessica’s message and join the movement! For more info, you can visit Jessica’s website >>HERE<<!

Revolution 1817


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