POD – 240913

My weekend couldn’t have been better, having shot the QSuper Police and Emergency Services CrossFit Games at the Qld Police Academy on Saturday for Again Faster Media, and then photographing some good friends’ new bub, Piper on Sunday avo at the Powerhouse in Newfarm… Here are some of my favourites from Saturday at The Games. For the entire suite, visit the Again Faster Australia Facebook Page >>HERE<<… I will post a sneak peek at Piper’s pics in the coming days…

IMG_9522 IMG_9510 IMG_9497 IMG_9447 IMG_9339 IMG_0350 IMG_0212 DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO IMG_9131 IMG_9122 IMG_9019 IMG_9018 IMG_8992 IMG_8971 IMG_8884 IMG_0379 IMG_0302 IMG_0246  IMG_0428 (1)

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