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Becoming a more efficient ‘fat burner’

Carrying on from last night, if you are new to the primal/paleo scene or are curious about how to move from a grain/sugar heavy diet, or a typical body building diet where you only consume lean proteins and leafy greens; then this is how you should probably start:

Increase your ‘good’ fat intake – Consume more of the pastured animals (grass fed and finished), pastured eggs, Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT), omega 3’s, and Coconut products, and start to cut out the sugars you eat that aren’t naturally occurring. What this does is allows your mitochondria (these little suckers take the nutrients from what you consume and convert it to energy) to get used to doing what they are supposed to do, and convert fats (fatty acids) to readily available energy (ATP), rather than sugars. Your body actually prefers to, and is more efficient at, converting fats into ATP. Sugars (glucose), when converted, produces a sh*t load of free radicals as a by product. These free radicals are responsible for arteriosclerosis, premature ageing (through oxidative stress), inflammation… The list goes on. When you burn fatty acids, the by-product is ketones, and your mitochondria (if functioning properly) will clean these up so your free radical count is significantly reduced!

Take your carb intake to about 50-100gms per day – Depending on your activity levels…

Avoid lean proteins – Start to eat your crackling! Eating the fats from your animal sources will ensure that your protein intake doesn’t get converted to glucose and start to screw your attempts to regulate insulin!

And… Just Eat Real Food!

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The ‘F’ word… It’s not a dirty word people…The research shows that FATS are greatly beneficial for us; our bodies love fats and we convert them into energy VERY effectively! It is our bodys’ preferred & most reliable source of energy, much more effectively utilised than carbohydrates. Now, let’s be clear about the right fats to throw down your throat – I am not referring to highly processed vegetable oils that are loaded with Omega 6′s or ‘some’ polyunsaturated fats that cause us health problems (peanut oil, corn oil, soybean oil & grapeseed oil are examples). You should be getting your fat intake from grassfed beef & lamb, free range chicken, wild caught fish, nuts, whole eggs, full fat dairy, avocados, coconuts & all their byproducts. Here is a great explanation of FATS for you by one of my favourite sources, Mark Sisson. And, our bodies NEED fat soluble vitamins to absorb protein. If we cut out fats, we can’t absorb protein as effectively or many of the other beneficial nutrients in our food that rely on fat for absorption. More on this tomorrow… Enjoy someone who enjoys their fats, Zack Williams, of Mammoth Kitchen.

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Rest Day…

One of the coolest and most moving things we saw while in New York, was a chain link fence in West Village (cnr of 7th Ave & 11th St), covered in ceramic tiles that had been created by a variety of different groups from school kids, to reputed artists… The memorial was named ‘Tiles For America’. It was a tribute to those who lost their lives in the 9/11 tragedy… When it was originally made in ’09, over 1000 tiles were hung and then stolen or vandalised in the following weeks. It was then re-established through the good will of local community groups and international artists who produced more tiles for the current memorial you see below. The model in the pic is my little sis’, Jeffery.

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Some pimped up pics from the Allstar Affiliate Series (Brisbane)… And a very cool little passage from Jon Gilson, Again Faster owner:

If you’re here for the money, turn around now. We’ll find you out, and we’ll eat you alive.

See, we don’t need another paleo whatever. We’ve got enough compression, and our shoes work just fine. Our barbells no longer bend, and buying an entire gym takes minutes, not days. We don’t need a “revolutionary med ball”.

Your app does what my watch does. Graphing my workout doesn’t make my times faster or my lifts heavier, and checking in my clients is pretty easy when it consists of a hug and a hello. 

Your print ads don’t convince me, and your supplement won’t do anything I can’t accomplish in a grocery store. See, we are not a business opportunity, not the next big thing. We are not a consumer demographic. 

Rather, we are a Community united, real people on a mission, unyielding in our pursuit of progress.

Teach us to be better. Push human performance forward. Help us figure out how to better serve our clients, the men and women learning to air squat for the first time, the eighteen year old kid who wants to compete. Give us tools that matter, give us education, make your value so obvious that you could sell it without saying a word.

See, we don’t want to eat you alive. We want to hug you. Give us a reason, just one, to love what you do, to bring you into the fold. Focus on excellence, on contribution, on being an asset to this Community. Find a need, find a deficit, fill it with overwhelming force. 

Please, show us that money is the last thing on your mind. Show us that you’re one of us, on a mission to build a better world, show us that you matter.

See, it’s not the money you’re looking for. It’s the Community, and we’re right here. Waiting.

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I shot the Allstar Affiliate Series for Again Faster over the weekend… It was a show of twisted steel and sex appeal, with some of Queensland’s most talented CrossFit athletes/teams in attendance! I will have a series of select images up for my next POD, but until then you can marvel at CrossFit Rocks athlete Gregg Wilson… No, Jesus Christ did not grace us with his physical presence, mad CrossFit skills and sick ink…

I should also mention that Gregg is a cracking photographer… You can check out his work >>HERE<<