POD – 140713

Selfies… They are apparently all the rage on Instagram and FB, so I thought I may as well succumb to the trend?! In my defence, I was testing my newly set up home studio and trying to create some dramatic effects with light and shade/shadow. The wife was at Yoga so the only model I had was a disobedient Great Dane… He didn’t particularly like wearing the hoodie, or standing still, so I had to improvise!


POD – 050713

It has to be uncomfortable; hurt even… If you want (serious) strength, positive change to your body composition, and hormonal response, you have to take yourself to that place you don’t like to go… That corner in your mind where everything else disappears and you only have the sound and thump of your pulse deep in your ears, where you have set yourself on fire, where your lungs feel like they are going to pop, and you are in true connection with every aspect of your physical self… Most of all, you need to learn to embrace and love that sensation… Over and over…