POD – 230713

This is part-reason why CrossFit is hitting its straps internationally… This is why the CrossFit community is so tight and growing every day… This is why CrossFit demands and delivers real results… This is why CrossFit is developing and fostering serious athletic talents across the world…

Because it takes you to where you wouldn’t normally be prepared to venture yourself, physically and mentally; in an environment that ensures safety and camaraderie. It teaches you resilience and self awareness, adaptation to repetitive loads, and lactic hell, and it puts you on your arse every time if you do it properly!!!


IMG_0275 IMG_0655 (1) IMG_0952 IMG_0954 IMG_1058 IMG_1071 IMG_1127 IMG_1132 IMG_1423 IMG_1519 IMG_1708 IMG_1990 IMG_2181 IMG_2420 IMG_2616 IMG_2628 IMG_2639 IMG_3142 IMG_3367 IMG_4056 IMG_4064 IMG_4092 IMG_4889 IMG_4951 IMG_4958 IMG_5015 (1) IMG_5017 (1) IMG_5106 (1) IMG_8869

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