POD – 300613

Mum always told me you can tell a lot about someone by the way they dress… And, I am inclined to think that she was on the money! Don’t get me wrong; I am a bloke’s fashion-whore, and it seems so too are thousands of other CrossFitters. I absolutely love (no sarcasm intended) that every CrossFit Event is as colourful as Carnival – Brazil! And, this weekend was no exception at CrossFit Sunshine Coast‘s Throwdown (Caloundra). From personalised Nano’s, to neon head bands with matching socks, to old-school Vollies, there were some funky outfits (being worn by some serious athletes) getting down and dirty in the mud and rain! Here are just a few pics I snuck for Again Faster Media. For the remainder, be watching the Again Faster Facebook page and while you are at it, ‘like’ them to get other great updates on products/equipment/apparel, their sponsored athletes, and a broad range of health and fitness topics. A big thank you to Lori, Lee and the volunteers from CF SC for planning, hosting and managing such a magic event!

AF1 IMG_0006 (1) IMG_0031 (1) IMG_0113 (1) IMG_0125 (1) IMG_0158 (1) IMG_0275 IMG_0407 (1) IMG_0411 (1) IMG_0467 (1) IMG_0521 (1) IMG_0561 (1) IMG_0586 (1) IMG_0655 (1) IMG_0697 (1) IMG_9829 (1)



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