POD – 060513

Lads and ladies, I bring to you my next feature athlete… Some of you may know this humble yet lethal beast, and for those of you that don’t; his name is Zack Williams and he is about to compete at the CrossFit Games Regionals in a few weeks time. He is also a successful businessman, trainer and all-round champion of a person. Please take the time to read my interview and enjoy the pics I took of him in training (and possibly showing off a little for the camera) 👉HERE👈… If you aren’t impressed and inspired to make a positive change in your life after reading this, you are clinically dead!!!


POD – 040513

World, meet Angus… Angus is the spoilt watch-dog (although, he mostly watched the back of his eyelids while I was there) of the Gym Cartel (I will tell you all about this fine establishment in my next post!), owned by trainers and fitness entrepreneurs Julien and Lisa Tresch… Without a doubt, one of the cutest little dudes I have ever met!

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