POD – 110413

While this Photo of the Day (POD) isn’t the most remarkable of my pics, the subjects certainly are… For those of you who don’t know this man or his remarkable story; his name is Paul de Gelder… He was a Navy Clearance Diver who was attacked by a Bull Shark while on exercise in 2009, losing his right hand and lower leg. Since then he has been on a life changing journey to recovery and is one of the most inspiring blokes you could ever see and meet. Equally as remarkable is the lady in the pic… Sarah Petchell is a serving soldier in the Australian Army, working out of the Soldier Recovery Centre at Gallipoli Barracks, Enoggera. I was lucky enough to meet Paul at the Friday Night Lights Series at CrossFit Mitchelton when he was there to support Sarah and the rest of the athletes (I am lucky to rub shoulders with Sarah daily at training – CrossFit Mitchelton). If you haven’t read Paul’s book (No Time For Fear), you need to… You also need to follow his blog, and while you are at it, his first post πŸ‘‰HEREπŸ‘ˆ, which will tell you why this photo and relationship is so special…


POD – 100413

I chose the name ‘The FITographer’ based on my love of all things that represent health, vitality, fitness, and aesthetics… Everything I shoot incorporates one or more of those elements; the people, whether they are an athlete, pregnant mum, or family, the animals, all represent health and majesty, and the automotive pieces are just damn sexy! Another subject I love to shoot is food! Healthy, wholesome, clean and presentable dishes… In particular, the dishes created by my wife My Food Religion. Given I am always hungry, especially this morning, I thought it apt to post some of my recent food shots… Hope they make you salivate too. Even better, go to My Food Religion and try your hand at cooking one of Shan’s insanely good recipes…



















POD – 070413

This is why I love what I do… The Mellifont family were an absolute pleasure to work with… The cutest kids, with manners to match; testament to the close bond they keep with their Mum and Dad, and the love and guidance they are given. We had to break the shoot into 2 parts due to weather, but here is a sneak peek of Part I. I also need to thank my father-in-law for the use of his warehouse in Teneriffe. It was the best backdrop a photographer could ask for… So thank you Dan Williams!!!

IMG_0302 IMG_0083 2 IMG_0114 2 IMG_0135 2 IMG_0161 2 IMG_0261 2 IMG_0401 2 IMG_0467 2 IMG_0474 2 IMG_0525 2 IMG_0536 2 IMG_0546 2