POD – 170313

I am not all about gritty, sweaty, chiseled athletes, uber cute puppies and kittens, or pimped up cars when it comes to subjects to shoot… Here is evidence:

Mel is a friend who asked me to shoot her just weeks before she is due, so yesterday we were priveleged enough to be given exclusive access to one of Dayboro’s most lavish properties… Between a stunning model, awesome assistants (thanks Kelly Ann O’Neill, wifey and little Charlie!), champion property owner (Craig Doyle), helicopter pads (yes, that’s right, pads…plural!!!), lagoons and pontoons, stunning Quarter Horses, rolling green hills and perfect weather, the shoot couldn’t have been more perfect! I can’t wait to be able to share the remainder of the shots; however, this POD will have to do in the meantime!


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